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Your (grown) child is leaving home! Prepare for the move with peace of mind

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Is your child taking off and leaving the family nest? Why not take the opportunity to sort out his room together, while preparing for his move into his new home?

Moving house is always an exciting time. But it can also be a major stress factor if you don't prepare properly. To simplify your life as D-Day approaches, here's our advice.

We start by sorting

Proceed in order so as not to be overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task.

  • Prepare bins in which to place his objects:
    • to take with him to his new home; these are the items he uses regularly, and which he will soon need.
    • old toys? Maybe you know of an association that can find them a child to share new adventures with!
    • to entrust to Ecomaison; mattresses, box springs, board games, toys, bedside tables, desks, chairs, chests of drawers: if you don't want them anymore, drop them off at one of the many Ecomaison collection points.We'll give them a second life: donate them to an association, reuse them, recycle them or turn them into green energy.
  • Step by step.

Start with one drawer, then another, then a cupboard, a bookcase... Sort out the contents of each piece of furniture one by one, so that you can move forward calmly.

We continue with a dose of creativity

Among the furniture you don't need, there are some real marvels that can be used to furnish your young adult's new cocoon.

Here are a few examples:

An old suitcase can become a bedside table or shoe rack;

A stool can easily be transformed into a side table in the room of your choice;

A wooden ladder is perfect for the bathroom, where you can hang your towels!

And if their aesthetics aren't up to date, a little paint or customization can give them a new lease of life.

We call on Ecomaison!

For all those items you really don't know what to do with, don't panic:

Go to the Ecomaison website: in just a few clicks, you'll find out if they're covered.

All you have to do is find your nearest collection point and drop off your items for reuse or recycling!