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This spring, sort out your outdoor toys!

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With the AGEC law (Anti-Waste Law for a Circular Economy), all toys can now be taken back in stores. So, maybe it's time to take a look at that corner of the garage where the games of past summers are waiting for you that you don't dare to get rid of. The prospect of giving them a second life could help you take the plunge!

Which toys are affected?

Plastic bowling alleys, water guns, jumping balls... They are all entitled to another chance and can be picked up in-store. Just make sure to identify the sporting goods, which are not affected by the same return circuit.
A mini basketball hoop for toddlers and its foam ball, or a pool ball? Yes. A soccer ball? No.
A scooter in the colors of your 3-year-old daughter's favorite cartoon? Yes. A skateboard or a stunt scooter? No.

Similarly, a motorized car or a battery-operated dartboard are considered electronic objects when they are taken back, not toys.

Where to drop off your outdoor toys and games?

You can drop off your items at a large toy store, even if you didn't buy them there. You can also take them to your local food store, as long as it sells toys. On site, you will find an Ecomaison collection kiosk on which will be displayed which items are taken back. If you still have any doubts, don't hesitate to ask for advice when dropping off your toy. The store staff is trained to help you.

What happens to the toys brought back?

The first objective is always re-use. The store, where the toys are deposited, will entrust them to an association - a Social and Solidarity Economy structure, a partner of Ecomaison - which will take care of putting them back into circulation. If their condition does not allow it, they can be recycled.

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Stores are now collection points all year round

In any case, you will have made the right gesture by bringing back a toy that you no longer need. A new reflex for your spring cleaning.