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Furnishings: Ecomaison helps you think classic as well as unusual 

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Some furniture products don't always find their way to collection, reuse and recycling. And yet, they are part of the recycling chain! As a manufacturer or distributor, you are obliged to apply the legislation to all items covered by the Extended Producer Responsibility scheme. Ecomaison helps you take stock, so you don't forget anything.

What is a furnishing element?

These are goods such as furniture and its components, which are used to furnish a living space (including gardens), a business or a public reception area. They are used for sitting, lying down, storing, working and cooking. They also include textile products made from natural or synthetic materials, as long as they are removable. Last but not least, this list includes all accessories associated with these objects, whatever the materials they are made of. 

Focus on unusual products  

They sometimes come as a surprise, but are nonetheless considered furnishing items. 

To sit down

And don't forget footrests, baby seats or observation towers for children. Finally, in the garden: camping chairs, swings or deckchairs.

Going to bed

The legislation is wide-ranging and embraces all ways of resting, for a night or a nap, for all publics. So be sure to include cots, co-sleeper or umbrella beds, cradles, ... nursing cushions, pet cushions or cat trees. Don't forget futon bases, hammocks (including for stuffed animals), garden or medical mattresses and professional mattress covers. Finally, check out the accessories: footboards, comforters, pillows, duffel bags, sleeping bags and bumper pads.

For storage 

This includes everything you need to keep your resolutions: boxes for tools, storage cubes, coat hangers, pencil trays, pocket trays, trunks, laundry baskets and dustbins. Don't neglect kitchen units: bottle racks, wine cabinets, coat racks, cutlery trays. Last but not least, go into the details: the toilet brush holder, with its niche role, is also concerned! Or even the coin box or aquarium cabinet, of course without the aquarium itself.

To get busy

Desks and workbenches, even those with trestles, must comply with the law. So must kitchen worktops, changing tables and credenzas.

To install

In addition to massage tables, à pipicnicor ironing, the clothes dryers, suitcase racks or cutting board racks are also integrated into the furniture sector.

To decorate

Removable textiles covering walls, floors and windows, including curtain accessories, should also be taken into consideration.door dogs, bed skirts and skirting, macramé, wall fabrics, animal skins, doormats, carpets, framess decorative textile frames...

The memo: the more classic elements 

In each category, some products are more obvious than others: here's a quick reminder of the great classics.

Still questions about the scope of the products concerned?

Find the list here:  

Have you overlooked certain products? There's still time to display their eco-participation on your sales documents and meet your regulatory obligations.

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