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The warm weather is here: pamper your outdoors!

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To make the most of summer, what could be better than a beautiful, clean exterior?
Sunny lunches, naps in the open air, long afternoons by the pool... summer promises to be a great time. Whether you're redesigning your garden or freshening up your terrace, there are some simple, practical tips for reusing what you already have!

Reuse, the first reflex to adopt!

When it comes to sorting out your garden or balcony, outdoor furniture and deckchairs are often the first items you want to replace. Rather than throwing them away, why not give them a new lease of life? A little fresh paint on wooden or metal structures can give them a brand-new look! You could also consider changing cushions with reversible covers or making new pillowcases in weather-resistant fabric, to bring a touch of freshness and comfort.

Are you embarking on a major renovation project and changing the tiling or wooden boards on your deck? Or don't know what to do with the natural stones in your low walls? How about reusing them to mark out the boundaries of your vegetable garden or to lay out a path to your compost bin, for example?

How about a donation?

Some of the items you no longer use are still in good condition? Donating them to an association could be the solution.

Have your children stopped using their inflatable swimming pool? Doesn't anyone play with the toys left in the sandbox? Are they no longer interested in the tree house? Numerous associations and recycling centers are happy to take them back, refurbish them where possible, and offer them for sale at fair prices.

Garden tools and items can also be used by another household: shovels, rakes, hammers, flower pots... donating them is an excellent way to extend their lifespan and reduce their impact on the environment.

And if you really have no use for your outdoor objects and materials - games, toys, wooden items, furniture, tools... - you can drop them off at Ecomaison collection points: we'll know what to do with them! Waste collection centers, furniture, DIY or toy stores, recycling centers... there's always a collection point near you.

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