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Simplify your daily routine: make sorting your routine!

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Ecomaison is here for you! At the start of the new year, it's the perfect time to set up new habits, in this case sorting habits, that feel good and make everyday life easier. So, are you ready to start a new sorting and recycling routine? Ecomaison is here to help!

Do you have an old piece of furniture you just can't get rid of? Are you thinking about the arrival of spring and want to sort out your garage or garden? Or perhaps you're not sure what to do with your used materials when you're doing DIY? Not to mention the timetables for the waste collection center, which you can never remember. In short, when it comes to sorting, you usually put it off until later. Don't worry, we'll tell you everything you need to know to adopt the right sorting habits.

Why adopt a sorting routine?

Implementing such a routine into your daily routine is full of advantages...

  • You'll perform these simple tasks without even having to think about them, turning them into real reflexes.
  • You'll experience a real pleasure in organizing: by taking action for a few minutes each day, you'll no longer have to tear your hair out over the chore of sorting through too many items once a year...
  • You're going to boost your self-esteem! Because you'll finally be able to accomplish what seemed like a mountain to climb.

So go ahead and watch the changes!

How do you start your sorting routine?

Let's start with the good news: according to the 21-Day Theory, you can turn your household sorting into a sustainable habit in just 3 weeks!

To get you started, prepare some storage bins for items you want to get rid of:

  • those you no longer use but which are in good condition: they can be donated to be useful again;
  • those that are no longer usable should be taken to an Ecomaison collection point for recycling.

Our tips for making sorting a reflex!

Tip n°1

Find the easiest way to drop off your unwanted items close to home.
Discover our geolocation map of collection points.

Tip #2

Identify areas of your home that need organizing, such as the kitchen, bathroom and storage areas.

Tip no. 3

Start your routine by devoting 10 to 15 minutes each day to sorting out superfluous items. Start small: a shelf, a drawer or a specific room.

Tip n°4

Once you've sorted the items, assign them a defined place if you wish to keep them, or place them in the dedicated bin.

Tip n°5

Involve the whole family (or your roommates) in this process to make it more pleasant and efficient.

Tip n°6

Don't forget to reward your efforts at the end of each sorting session to maintain motivation: treat yourself to a walk, a snack or an activity that you enjoy!

Mother and little girl taking care of their bodies in the morning while doing Yoga meditation exercises at home. Girl is cheating while eating cucumbers from her eyes and looking at camera.

One last tip

Make your organization even more efficient: grab a sheet of paper and some markers and create a checklist:

  • Contact and opening hours of your nearest association and/or recycling center;
  • Opening hours of the nearest waste collection centre ;
  • List of items taken back at the waste collection centre or by bulky goods, but also by your favourite stores;
  • Telephone number or website of the bulky goods collection service, as well as the schedule of collection times if available in your commune;
  • and all the information you need!

Then place this document in a place where you can see it every day: your hallway or fridge. That's all there is to it!