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Building contractors: Save money on site waste disposal!

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In partnership with Ecominéro, Ecomaison is launching a support scheme to develop the recycling of building materials. This new offer is aimed at craftsmen who sort and store their building waste on their premises. It takes the form of financial and/or operational support.

Supporting your waste processing

This initiative is a response to the growing challenges of waste management in the building and construction sector. Current legislation requires craftsmen to sort, collect and treat their waste responsibly, respecting strict standards to minimize environmental impact.

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Consult the OCAB (Organisme coordonnateur agréé pour le Bâtiment) practical guide to PMCB EPR sorting instructions.

As approved eco-organizers, Ecomaison and Ecominéro combine their expertise to offer a complete range of services:

  • from June 2024: financial support for the treatment of your inert waste (less than 100 tonnes/year) and non-inert waste with no ceiling (wood, frames/glass, metal, plastics, plaster)
  • from the last quarter of 2024: operational support (collection and treatment) from 30 tonnes per year for wood and 100 tonnes per year for inert waste (valid only for mainland France and Corsica).

How can you benefit from this "warehouse offer"?

You are

  • a private company in the building trade,
  • sorting its waste in accordance with OCAB sorting standards,
  • on a site belonging to you and for your own account,
  • located in mainland France, Corsica or the French overseas territories

You are potentially eligible for this new "warehouse offer". For more information, we invite you to consult the detailed document from our webinar presentation: you'll find all the practical information and eligibility conditions relating to this offer.

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Still have questions? Would you like to subscribe? Write to us: [email protected]

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