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Toy drive in Versailles schools

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Toy drive in Versailles schools

The Académie de Versailles, in partnership with Ecomaison, is offering schools from CP to CM2 the chance to get involved in an educational project focusing on the reuse and recycling of toys and games. Designed around a flagship collection action, it forms part of a global approach to education in solidarity and sustainable development.

Solidarity re-use

Ecomaison and the toy reuse and recycling network

In 2022, Ecomaison became the eco-organization approved by the public authorities to organize the collection, repair, reuse and recycling of toys and games under this new Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) scheme.

100 000 tons

100,000 tonnes of toys thrown away every year

The aim of this initiative is to promote a circular and solidarity-based economy by collecting used toys so that they can be given a new lease of life by being reused or recycled.

To this end, Ecomaison is experimenting with new collection solutions throughout France. This pilot operation, organized in nearly 200 schools in the Académie de Versailles, is part of this effort: to reinforce the "donation reflex" and create new circuits to direct used toys first and foremost towards reuse in a spirit of solidarity.

The toys collected are destined for Ecomaison's SSE partners, to be donated or resold at fair prices. They will bring joy to other children, while promoting the integration of the staff who re-use them.

The educational approach and the solidarity toy drive in schools

What are the objectives? To develop an educational project on waste prevention and management, by mobilizing teaching teams and pupils around a flagship toy collection initiative and thus ..:

  • Developing students' learning and skills in the areas covered by the core curriculum
  • Work on civic engagement and citizenship by mobilizing children's interest in an object they know - a toy.
  • Start or deepen a global sustainable development approach (E3D label)
  • Teamwork and building a student pathway (creating links between cycles and levels)

When? From November 15, 2022 to January 15, 2023


  • Provision of a teacher's booklet to raise awareness and give meaning to the approach
  • Supply of a communication and collection kit to collect donated toys for re-use by an Ecomaison partner social economy association.
Ecomaison solidarity collection
Solidarity toy drive

Download the Booklet

A communication and collection kit including :

  • 2 printed posters and a digital version;
  • 2 collection containers;
  • an operating procedure for schools and collection partners.

Download the school procedure

Download the SSE partner operating procedure