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Ecomaison and Ecominéro are committed to reuse and launch a joint call for projects

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This call for projects aims to support deconstruction, rehabilitation, renovation and new construction sites and operations by promoting the reuse or reuse of high-quality products and materials.
construction of the inert building (PMCB) (category 1) and finishing work (category 2).

  • Application Deadline: June 17 to September 15, 2024
  • Response to winners: October 16, 2024

Ecomaison and Ecominéro partnership: reducing the environmental impact of construction through the circular economy

Ecominéro and Ecomaison, eco-organisations approved for the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) of Building Construction Products and Materials (PMCB), are working together to offer a shared service and a complete offer to their members.

The strategic partnership between Ecomaison and Ecominéro includes specific actions to increase the volumes of reuse and reuse, aiming for a target of 5% by 2028.

The two eco-organisations are now going further and are launching a joint call for projects to support actions for the reuse and reuse of PMCBs and give them a second life on construction sites.

Promoting reuse and innovation on construction sites

The objective of this call for projects is to transform usual practices by promoting the reuse and reuse of inert construction materials and finishing work.

Its purpose is to experiment, make reliable and disseminate new reuse practices, while connecting construction sites to dedicated platforms to create local sectors.

Ecomaison and Ecominéro intend to significantly increase the volumes of reused and reused materials. They want to contribute to the development of a dynamic circular economy. Parallel
The aim is to reduce waste from the construction sector.

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To read the detailed rules of this call for projects, consult the dedicated platform

Do you have a project? Apply!

The call for projects is aimed at project owners (MOA), project managers (MOE), reuse project management assistants (AMOA), reuse project management assistants (AMOE), and public or private construction companies.

All deconstruction, rehabilitation, renovation and new construction sites or operations for which the candidate is willing to reuse and/or obtain significant supplies are eligible
in Category 1 and/or 2 PMCB.

Candidates can benefit from various technical aids, but also financial ones to support their projects, ranging from €5,000 to €50,000 per site.

Calendar of the call for projects:

ApplicationsJune 17 to September 15
Audition and selectionSeptember 16 to October 11
Responses to candidatesOctober 16

Ecominéro and Ecomaison support you and offer you two
webinars to present this call for projects and meet your questions

  • Friday, July 5 from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.
  • Thursday, August 31 from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.

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PMCB waste: Ecominéro's partner ecohouse

Although the law distinguishes between the recycling of inert and non-inert materials, on your building sites and in your stores, you have both concrete and wood to deal with. To simplify the recycling of your waste, Ecomaison and Ecominéro have signed a partnership agreement to offer you a complete range of services covering your specific needs.

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