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New Ecomaison "worksite offer": giving a second life to building products and materials

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Ecomaison is launching a new offer to help you recycle and reuse on-site waste.

Building professionals, take advantage of this initiative to optimize the environmental performance of your projects!

Promoting the recycling of construction waste

As building professionals, efficient waste management represents an operational challenge and a legal obligation, but also an opportunity to promote a circular economy.

The advantages of the new Ecomaison "worksite offer":

  • Tailor-made: we work with your teams and your waste manager to find the best way to organize separate collection on your sites, depending on the space available.
  • Free of charge: we cover the cost of processing your sorted waste on our approved platforms.
  • Multiproduct: as a multi-channel eco-organization, we can also take into account professional furniture that cannot be reused.
  • Progressive: today reserved for wood and inert materials, our offer will soon cover all Building Construction Products and Materials (BCPM).

Dedicated support for re-use

Because the best waste is the waste we don't produce, Ecomaison offers you an exclusive support service to maximize the environmental benefits of reuse on your construction sites.

After a personalized diagnosis, we help you to make contact with those involved in reuse, advise you of the availability of materials to reclaimers and assist you in finding collection partners.

Examples of reusable products:

  • Inert PMCB: bricks, tiles, sanitaryware, etc.
  • Non-inert PMCB: bastaings, acoustic panels, glass and non-glass-based joinery, fittings, metal fencing, suspended ceiling tiles, raised access floors...
  • Professional furniture: desks, chairs, cupboards...

A one-stop shop for your materials

To simplify the management of non-hazardous waste from your construction sites, Ecomaison offers a number of advantages.

Thanks to its partnership with Ecominéro, an approved eco-organization for inert materials, Ecomaison offers a complete range for all your materials, whether inert (concrete, terracotta, ceramics, etc.) or non-inert (wood, metals, plastics, etc.).

Ecomaison is a certified furniture dealer, and can also take back professional furniture.

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