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DIY, gardening: a week to sort!

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To mark World Recycling Day, Leroy Merlin is launching Recycling Week from March 18 to 23, 2024, in partnership with Ecomaison, for all DIY and garden items (excluding painter's tools and electrical and thermal machines).

Leroy Merlin Recycling Week

With spring just around the corner, are you looking to sort out your tools and prepare your outdoors? Several Leroy Merlin stores are offering you the chance to take advantage of your need to re-equip your home to drop off your used DIY and garden items for recycling at the same time.

Which products are covered by this operation?

  • Hand tools (hammer, pliers, ruler, tape measure, bucket, etc.)
  • DIY tarpaulin
  • Garden tools (shears, forks, shovels, rakes, etc.)
  • Garden maintenance (hose, watering can...)
  • Garden fittings (planters, flower pots, parasols, etc.)

Please note that the following products must not be placed in the container dedicated to this operation:

  • Painter's tools
  • Electric/electronic tools
  • Batteries and cells
  • Horticultural pot (flexible pot with an opening at the bottom)

Which LEROY MERLIN stores are participating in this operation?

  • Blois
  • Bouliac
  • Bourges St Doulchard
  • Charleville Mézières
  • Cholet
  • Le Havre
  • Lesquin
  • Mantes Buchelay
  • Pau
  • Périgueux
  • Reims Nord
  • Rennes Nord
  • Rennes Sud Chantepie
  • Rouen
  • Rueil Malmaison
  • Thoiry

Give your household items a better end than the dustbin

What do a punctured garden hose, a sofa that's too wide, a damaged mattress and a baby carrier that's too small have in common? If you don't know what to do with them, Ecomaison knows! Strangely enough, all those worn-out or broken objects you have at home and don't know what to do with aren't useless. They still have value. And they deserve much better than to end up as mere garbage.
And for objects that can still be used, give preference to players in the social economy.

It's all about eco-participation

Ecomaison and its partners have set up a local network of over 6,700 collection points, 600 industrial players for recycling materials and 580 players in the social economy for reusing objects, thanks toeco-participation (a compulsory contribution by all purchasers of new products to finance the extension of their lifespan and recycling). This local network gives all French people access to a collection point within 15 km of their home.

Where can you drop off your used household items?

Find a collection point near you