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Building recycling: Ecomaison at your side

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Building recycling: Ecomaison at your side

Because your new recycling obligations in the building sector will change your habits, Ecomaison is here to support you. Whether you're a manufacturer, distributor, craftsman or site manager, we put the expertise of an experienced eco-organization at your service. Our aim is to help you meet your recycling obligations and turn them into opportunities for your business.

Building recycling

Facilitate sorting and organize collection for building recycling  

Ecomaison is an approved eco-organization for several Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) channels: furniture, bedding, toys and outdoor games, garden and DIY equipment and building products. This broad scope of intervention in the world of the home enables us to create synergies between all product families, with a logic of sorting by material. Depending on the configuration of the collection area, this sorting can be simplified or more complete, with up to 7 streams.

To make the change easier for you, we are actively working to expand the network of collection points. By 2026, Ecomaison aims to have 6,000 collection points across the country. We are developing a mobile application to geolocate a collection point close to your worksite (10 to 20 km for less densely populated areas), indicating the materials taken in charge and the conditions of reception (free waste disposal being conditional on prior sorting of materials).

Favoring reuse and achieving zero landfill 

One of the major challenges of the AGEC law (Anti-Waste for a Circular Economy) is to develop the re-use of products for all the recycling channels it has created. Recycling in the building sector is no exception, with questions both about the repairability of products and the preservation of materials on renovation sites. To this end, reuse zones and "matériauthèques" will gradually be created. By aiming for ZERO waste, Ecomaison intends to achieve "zero landfill" for the waste it collects. Our operational and technical efficiency has proved its worth: by 2021, 94% of the 1.2 million tonnes of waste collected will have been recycled.

Encouraging the emergence of innovations  

One of our missions is to add value to the waste we collect, for example by transforming it into recycled materials. These can then be reincorporated into new products, creating a virtuous circle of resource saving. AGEC's recycling targets for the coming years are ambitious: 90% for metals, 45% for wood. Plasters, foams, plastics and glass are also concerned.

Ecomaison has been able to innovate and finance world firsts such as the chemical recycling of foams. Through various programs, such as "Innovation for Eco-design", we bring manufacturers, industrialists and innovators together to create synergies. We lead and develop iterative processes to find new outlets for recycled materials. New calls for projects will be launched to bring the same dynamic to building products and materials.