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A garden ready for spring

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Recycling garden tools

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With spring's first rays of sunshine, it's the perfect time to get your garden ready!
But before you start planting new flowers or preparing your vegetable garden, why not take advantage of this period to sort out your outdoor spaces?

Full of solutions for your DIY and garden items

Spring is synonymous with renewal, and this also applies to our gardens, terraces and balconies. Instead of letting our gardening tools gather dust in the garage, why not give them a second life by recycling your garden tools?
You may have objects and materials (garden furniture, deckchairs, an old swimming pool or outdoor toys) that you no longer need. Don't let them accumulate and become obstacles in your garden or garage! Why not give them a new use whenever possible?
Here are a few examples to get you started:

  • A shovel, rake or watering can can be reused to make an original decoration;
  • If they are in good condition, you can also donate your used tools to a non-profit organization;
  • Drop off your items at an Ecomaison collection point, which will then entrust them to the most appropriate reuse or recycling organization.

Your imagination is the only limit!

Ecomaison simplifies re-use and recycling throughout France

Are your objects too worn, or do you really want to get rid of them? You can drop them off at one of our many collection points all over France!

You can also consult the list of items supported by Ecomaison to save precious time!

By reusing or recycling these objects, not only do you help to reduce your environmental footprint, but you also create a more functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space.
So, before you dive into spring gardening activities, take a moment to look around your garden and garage; identify objects you could donate, reuse or recycle, and give free rein to your creativity to give them a second life.
Your garden, and the planet, will thank you!