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Call for Innovators in Collection and Services

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Call for Innovators in Collection and Services

Ecomaison has been developing its network of innovators in Collection, Services and end-of-life extension for several years, in order to manage flows more efficiently, with less impact on the environment, and to preserve the social issues linked to repair and re-use activities.

What is the Call for Innovative Collection and Services?

Through thecall for innovators Collection and Servicesthroughout the year, we're looking for innovators at all stages of development - from ideas to start-ups and established companies - in the fields of :

  • Ecomaison's core business: the collection of end-of-life products from the consumer to the point of reception, or on to sorting or preparation centers, transport and logistics between the various stages.
  • New Services for our members, the general public and our partners, facilitating the management of end-of-life products, and in particular their Repair and Reuse.

Why take part?

If you have an innovation in any of these areas, don 't hesitate to register on our platform.

Your innovation could be referenced, or even labeled, as a device that facilitates operations linked to Collection, Repair and Reuse for our members or partners, whether they be social enterprises, craftsmen, collection and sorting operators, transporters, etc.

If your project touches on Ecomaison's core business, we can support it, for example, by developing a proof of concept.

For what types of activities and services?

Your innovation can be directly linked to Ecomaison's activities, or made available to our members, distributors, manufacturers or our partners, local authorities, social economy companies...

The various innovations around Collection can be :

- Logistics concepts aimed at facilitating, optimizing and reducing the environmental impact or cost of collection operations;

- Concepts aimed at preserving the quality of flows;

- New modes of communication or digital tools aimed at the same objective.

Repair services can be related to :

- The provision of spare parts for the repair of the objects concerned, in order to offer solutions to difficulties of access, identification, use, etc.;

- The repair carried out by a professional with the participation of the consumer, remotely or in person, possibly in innovative locations;

- The repair by a professional eligible for the Repair Bonus, for example through a contact platform.

Services related to Reuse may concern :

- Setting up reuse hubs or points in shopping areas, at distributors, logistics firms or waste collection centers;

- Developing specific logistics flows;

- Or even collaborative services between collection operators and SSE structures, or digital sales platforms...

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