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Get your unique identifier: the first step towards compliance!

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Get your unique identifier: the first step towards compliance!

The unique identifier number has been mandatory since the Anti-Waste for a Circular Economy Act (AGEC Act) of 2020. It identifies you to ADEME as a marketer. It is proof of your compliance with your Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) obligations. Ecomaison provides you with your unique identifier.

Why a unique identifier?

The unique identification number (IDU) applies to all individuals or companies who manufacture, import or introduce new products onto the national market under the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) scheme. This includes distributors, manufacturers, importers and marketplaces. It is the proof that you meet the regulations for the management of re-use and recycling of the new products and materials you put on the market. 

The unique identifier is assigned to you as soon as you sign a service contract with an eco-organization. In the case of furniture, bedding, building products and materials, DIY and garden items and toys, you must sign up with Ecomaison. For each recycling channel to which you are subject, you must have a specific UDI. Applying for this identifier is therefore the essential starting point for your compliance procedures.


Find out if you're a marketer

Ecomaison offers you a simple questionnaire to find out if you are concerned by the regulations on Extended Producer Responsibility".

What does the unique identifier look like?

As of January1, 2022, the format of the unique identifier has changed. It now comprises the SYDEREP number (FR123456 - former unique identifier) followed by a low dash, a two-digit code representing the recycling channel and a four-letter random code.


How do I get my unique identifier?

Ecomaison makes it easy for you. Three steps and only one contact to obtain your unique identifier: 

  1. I register to theEcomaison Extranet.
  2. I sign a service contract with Ecomaison.
  3. Ecomaison sends me my unique identifier.

We take care of everything! Registering withADEME, obtaining the IDU, transmitting the necessary data to ADEME.

How long does it take to obtain a unique identifier?

With Ecomaison, it takes just three working days to obtain your unique identification number.

What do I do once I've received my IDU?

You are now required to include it in two key places: on your invoices and in your general terms and conditions of sale (GTCS). Ecomaison provides you with all the information you need.

Did you know?

The regulatory compliance of marketers is regularly monitored by scheduled or unannounced audits carried out by government departments. In the absence of a unique identification number on the terms and conditions of sale or any other contractual document, a fine of up to €30,000 may be incurred.