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Repair: offer your customers a new service

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Repair: offer your customers a new service

1 in 4 French people would give up repairing an armchair, a bed base, a parasol or even a wheelchair, for lack of a repairer and/or a simple, economical local solution. By joining our network of approved repairers, Ecomaison enables you to offer your customers an additional service and benefit from the Repair Bonus. How does it work? What are the conditions for certification? What are the benefits? We tell you all about it.

What is the Repair Bonus?

This financial aid is designed to encourage the French to repair items no longer under warranty. Introduced by the AGEC law (Anti-Gaspillage pour une Economie Circulaire), this aid is financed by Ecomaison, through the Repair Fund. This lump-sum payment represents around 20% of the repair cost, and is deducted from the consumer's bill by the approved repairer. How it works is simple: you invoice your customer to benefit from the Repair Bonus, and then obtain reimbursement from Ecomaison. It's a win-win situation: repairs cost your customers less, you offer them an innovative service with a high environmental value, and you win their loyalty.

Apply for certification in just a few clicks

The Repair Bonus: 3 ways to get involved

Depending on the size and/or type of your store, you may not have the space or staff to deploy this new service. Don't panic! Ecomaison offers you different ways of getting involved, depending on the configuration of your store:

Become a promoter

Your store refers your customers to the directory of Ecomaison-labeled repairers, who choose a repairer close to their home. The transaction takes place between the repairer and the consumer. There's nothing more for you to do.

Become a "Prescriber

Your store advises your customers about your partner repairers, who have the Ecomaison label. Here again, the transaction takes place between the customer and the repairer. Encourage your partners to apply for the Ecomaison label!

Become a "Certified Repairer

Your store offers the repair service directly. You invoice the repair and pass on the Repair Bonus to your customers. Repairs can be carried out by you or by a subcontractor. Not yet certified? Apply for certification now!

Which product families are eligible for the
Ecomaison Repair Bonus?

The Repair Bonus applies to claims outside the legal or commercial warranty. In concrete terms, it applies to a torn sofa cover with leaking upholstery, the sharpening of DIY and garden tools, the replacement of worn/damaged spare parts for a parasol, a gas barbecue, a bed base or a tricycle.

Seating and Bedding

Distributors, manufacturers, craftsmen, repairers, delivery fitters, installers, social economy companies... Would you like to offer Bonus Repair Seats and Bedding to your customers?


Distributors, manufacturers, craftsmen, repairers, sharpeners, grinders... Would you like to offer your customers the DIY-Garden Repair Bonus?

Cycles Toys

Are you a distributor, manufacturer or repairer of toy cycles? Would you like to offer your customers the Toy Cycle Repair Bonus?

What does repair mean?

The act of repair is quite distinct from that of restoration. To repair an object is to enable it to be used again in its functional capacity. A repair therefore consists in restoring a product to its original condition after a breakdown, failure or breakage.

In this situation, you can encourage the use of repairs:

  • by informing your customers about the various repair services available;
  • by including a statement encouraging repair on the product label;
  • by displaying pro-repair signs in your stores or showrooms, with associated services to facilitate repairs;
  • communicating in your newsletters about your repair services and partners.

Is it really to my advantage to encourage my customers to repair?

You may be worried that this new service offering in favor of repair will put the brakes on your product sales. Rest assured: this change in usage is just as beneficial for manufacturers as it is for distributors.

  • By offering a repair service, you ensure a commercial relationship with your customer throughout the life of the product, beyond its purchase.
  • By having an item repaired, your customers gain in purchasing power, enabling them to make another purchase in your store that was initially planned for the longer term.
  • By offering repair services, you benefit from greater consumer confidence, as consumers are increasingly concerned about environmental issues and product lifespan.

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