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Trade depots to become collection points

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Trade depots to become collection points

Ecomaison has opened a continuous listing of professional waste collection centers. The aim is to accelerate the roll-out of the building products and building materials (PMCB) recycling network. The aim is to provide dedicated collection points for professional waste throughout France. Here's how and why you can become a collection point for professional waste collection centers.

Strengthen the network of collection points throughout France

For over 10 years, Ecomaison has been working closely with all the players in the region to ensure that professionals and private individuals have quick and easy access to a collection point. Today, more than 6,000 collection points are referenced.

Indeed, the collection of construction waste requires specific sorting criteria, and not all current collection points can accommodate it. That's why Ecomaison is calling on you, the professional waste collection centers, whose know-how and expertise in this field are widely recognized.

Continuous referencing of professional waste collection centers

Ecomaison is constantly referencing professional waste collection centers as it expands its network. This service gives you the opportunity to organize your site so that it complies with regulations.

Collect waste sorted by material

To be eligible, your site must be dedicated exclusively to professionals (craftsmen, construction companies, distributors, etc.). At the drop-off center, you must collect waste sorted into streams:

  • reuse,
  • plaster,
  • flat glass and frames,
  • plastic,
  • metals,
  • wood,
  • mattresses, furniture, DIY and garden items, games and toys, textile decoration items.

Ensuring waste traceability

You must also ensure traceability of sorted flows. We provide you with an application to define the remuneration basis for operations based on identified quantities.

Submit your application easily

Ecomaison provides you with an online platform dedicated to consultations and invitations to tender. Once you've registered, you can easily consult and respond to them.

Once your application has been submitted, the Ecomaison teams will inform you within 4 to 6 weeks of the outcome of your request. You will then be informed of the next stages in the contractualization and operational implementation process.

The contract, signed for one year, is renewable by tacit agreement.

Understanding regulations

The regulation on extended producer responsibility for building products and materials(EPR PMCB) was introduced by the AGEC law. These regulations came into force on January 1, 2023.

The stakes are high for building professionals. From now on, their waste can be taken back free of charge. However, this free service is conditional on the prior sorting of their waste, collected at sites under contract with an approvedeco-organization.