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Nothing is thrown away, everything is transformed: take part in our Call for Innovation Projects

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Nothing is thrown away, everything is transformed: take part in our Call for Innovation Projects

Ecomaison is launching a call for Innovation and Recycling projects for all recycling and recovery players. Ecomaison offers a technical and economic partnership framework to accelerate the creation of value from used products and materials.

Against this backdrop of growing importance and new challenges, Ecomaison is launching a call for innovation and recycling projects to create partnerships with operators, research players, start-ups and manufacturers, to develop the innovations and technologies that will create tomorrow's outlets.

Ecomaison aims to accelerate the development of innovative technologies and new industrial outlets for the recovery of recycled materials from collected waste. The objectives can be broken down by material:

  • Wood: develop the consumption of industrial wood and wood energy through new processes: sorting and separation of different types of wood;
  • Plastics: dealing with a multi-composition deposit: sorting solutions for thermoplastic/thermoset resins, processing solutions for "complex" resins, management solutions for regulated substances in plastics, physical/chemical recycling or material recovery solutions for plastics and elastomers;
  • Textiles: offer solutions for the preparation and recycling of mixed textiles, in collaboration with Re_fashion, the eco-organization in charge of recycling linen and shoes;
  • Foams: continue to add value to polyurethane and latex foams;
  • Other materials: adding value to flows of new materials: gypsum, mixed mineral wools, bituminous membranes, complex assemblies of materials...

Industrialists, manufacturers, innovators: this call for projects is for you!

Depending on the maturity of your projects, this call for projects is aimed at :

  • Industrial manufacturers of finished products: you want to open up to techniques for integrating recycled materials to replace virgin and/or petro-sourced materials. Recycled materials, known as "secondary raw materials", are derived from the waste handled by Ecomaison.
  • Industrial consumers of commercial fuels: you want to change your energy mix by opening up to new fuels derived from waste prepared by Ecomaison.
  • Public and private players in R&D and innovation.
  • Specialist operators in the waste preparation sector.

3 levels of support for customized assistance

We offer 3 levels of financial contribution to support your innovation projects:

  • Ideation agreement for TRL* projects from 1 to 3
    to transform an idea or concept into a first prototype.
  • R&D agreement for TRL 4 to 5 projects
    to support the development of a research project from laboratory to pilot scale.
  • Innovation partnership contract for TRL projects from 6 to 9
    for the final qualification of an innovation, from innovative prototype to operational process, industrially consuming recycled materials supplied by Ecomaison. This partnership is divided into two phases: the innovation or development phase, and the operational phase, involving the consumption of secondary raw materials (MPS).

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*TRL: Technology Readiness Level

Territory concerned

Project sponsors must be legal entities. You must be based in France or abroad, particularly in a member state of the European Union.

Tender submission

Application deadline: Wednesday, May 31, 2023 - 00:00.