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Discover the Pro Card: what if it were for you?

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Discover the Pro Card: what if it were for you?

You're aware of your obligations in terms of take-back and collection of used products and objects, but you're looking for the best way to organize yourself to meet them? Ecomaison's Carte Pro will give you the flexibility you need.

If you don't have room for a dumpster

Ecomaison puts a network of 2,500 skips at your disposal at partner public or private waste collection centers. More than 220 of these are reserved for professionals. For volumes of less than 20 m3 - the equivalent of the furniture in a 50 m² home - access is free on presentation of your Pro Card.

Before visiting any of the network's collection sites, make sure you are aware of the conditions governing access and volume per deposit.

Find a collection point near your business

geolocation map

Find a collection point near your business

Explore our interactive map to locate collection points. There are collection points all over France, so you're sure to find one near your business.

If your site is not accessible to heavy goods vehicles...

Is your store located in an area too densely populated for a truck to pick up a dumpster? The network of depots accessible with the Pro Card enables you to meet your obligations: you deposit your used products and materials in the dedicated skips on your own, at your own pace.

...or if you don't have a fixed site

We know that not all professionals who have to meet their collection obligations have a fixed site where they can store their used products. But thanks to the Carte Pro, you can drop them off directly at one of our network's skips.

If your needs are occasional and varied

Do you have a partnership with a non-profit organization that comes to collect some of your unsold or reusable products, but the volume of what's left over varies, and you can't have a collection bin on your site?

The Pro Card gives you greater flexibility, giving you complete autonomy over the pace and frequency of your deposit, as long as its volume does not exceed 20 m3.

All this, as long as your deposits are compliant.

The skips in the network set up by Ecomaison via the Carte Pro are part of the resource-based economy. We collect only for re-use and recycling. As such, your deposit must not include any undesirable items, such as packaging, cardboard, plastic, pallets, green waste, hazardous waste or ordinary industrial waste (OIW).

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