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Don't throw away your unsold stock - give it away!

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Don't throw away your unsold stock - give it away!

The French anti-waste law for a circular economy (AGEC) prohibits retailers from destroying unsold new products. You must therefore give priority to offering your unsold products to associations working to combat poverty and to social economy organizations.

A platform for donating unsold goods

To help you meet this obligation, Ecomaison has created a donation platform to put you in touch with our partner associations and integration companies. We facilitate solidarity-based re-use by preventing new products from being thrown away or destroyed, while at the same time promoting equipment for people in precarious situations and/or the integration of the staff who re-use them.

How can I donate my unsold goods on the platform?

The only condition for accessing this free platform is to be a member of our eco-organization.

  • The principle is simple. First, you post your ads, detailing the contents of the donations and their condition; you can offer unsold items, mismatched parcels, after-sales returns, and display models.
  • Interested SSE structures will then contact you to organize the recovery of the goods.

A platform to simplify your administrative procedures

We don't just put you in touch with partner companies and associations in the SSE sector.

  • We can also help you with the administrative procedures involved in making a donation.
  • Donations in kind, such as unsold goods, are tax-deductible, and you can let your partner know if you would like a tax receipt.
  • The platform also ensures mandatory traceability of unsold products, guaranteeing transparency for beneficiaries. It's an opportunity for you to promote your policy of social and environmental responsibility.

What if no one wants to take back my unsold stock?

If you have received three refusals to donate, your eco-organization must recover any unsold goods that have not found a buyer. The platform enables you to obtain proof of refusal. In concrete terms, once you've paid the eco-participation fee for the product in question, you can hand it over to Ecomaison, who will take care of recycling it.

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