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Recycled materials: the Ecomaison incorporation premium for your products

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Incorporation premium

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Recycled materials: the Ecomaison incorporation premium for your products

Today, we know that incorporating materials from recycling into the manufacture of new goods is essential for the environment, and consumers are also sensitive to this. Since 2021, Ecomaison has been supporting the movement with the payment of a bonus, an innovative system of premiums, which increase with the rate of recycled materials in your production. Ecomaison helps you take the plunge and benefit from the incorporation bonus!

The eco-participation premium for the incorporation of recycled materials, supporting a virtuous chain of activity

Ecomaison is in contact with all the players in the chain that allow you to incorporate recycled materials, and organizes your remuneration:

  • Preparers of recyclable waste

They condition the recycled material with a view to transforming it into components that can be used to manufacture new objects.
They declare to Ecomaison the volume of waste sent to manufacturers of components made from recycled materials.

  • Manufacturers of components made from recycled materials

Their mission: to work with recycled materials. They are the ones who supply you with the materials to be incorporated into your production chain.
They declare to Ecomaison the volume of recycled materials they incorporate into their components. In return, Ecomaison determines the rate of incorporation of recycled materials in their production.

  • And you: manufacturers and distributors

You incorporate materials from recycled sources in the manufacture of your products. You declare the products concerned, indicating the method of sourcing.
Ecomaison, based on your manufacturing information and the list of your suppliers, calculates the rate of incorporation of recycled materials and pays you the corresponding premiums.
With this premium, your investment in promoting the use of recycled materials is rewarded.

Finally, the collection of your used products organized by Ecomaison and their processing so that they can be used again: the circle is complete!

Materials for recycling

The list of materials that can be recycled thanks to constant progress is growing steadily. For the moment, Ecomaison's financial incentives cover wood and foam. Other building materials are also concerned, or about to be: gypsum, mixed mineral wools, bituminous membranes, complex assemblies of materials, etc. As an Ecomaison member, you will be kept regularly informed of new recovery opportunities related to your activity.

The current rates for furnishings are as follows:

40 € ton of wood

Recycled wood

50 € tonne of polyurethane foam

Recycled foam material

Manufacturers: from declaration to payment, instructions for use

  1. At the end of each semester:
    • You declare the volume of recycled raw materials incorporated into your production.
    • Specify the name of the supplier concerned, the address of the site, whether it is a referenced supplier, and the volume of supply.
    • You provide supporting documents for the supplies you declare.
    • This information enables Ecomaison to cross-check your declarations with the incorporation rates calculated by your suppliers.
  2. Within 45 days, Ecomaison will let you know if any documents are missing or if the declaration requires clarification. At the end of this check, go to theExtranet: you'll find a proforma summarizing the tonnes retained and the amount of your premium for the incorporation of recycled materials.
  3. You invoice Ecomaison for this premium.
  4. The premium for incorporating recycled materials is proportional to the volume of recycled materials included in your marketing calculated by Ecomaison.

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