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Optimize your eco-design know-how

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Optimize your eco-design know-how

Save the resources needed to produce a good, upstream. Anticipate its end-of-life, downstream. These are the main challenges of eco-design. As manufacturers and industrialists, these issues are of particular concern to you. Ecomaison supports you in your efforts to save resources.

To encourage the deployment of eco-design, Ecomaison supports various research and innovation initiatives. We also initiate meetings between innovators and manufacturers. Our aim? To get them to think and act together, with two guiding principles in mind: to rationalize the manufacture of products with a view to saving resources; and to anticipate the stages in their life cycle, in terms of repair, sorting and recycling.

Innovation for Eco-design, Ecomaison's program to accelerate eco-design

Whatever your sector of activity, would you like to benefit from support to boost or accelerate your eco-design approach? We launch two calls for eco-design projects a year, in spring and autumn. Winning members benefit from our methodological and technical support, provided through a 6-month pilot program. The aim of this pilot is to study the feasibility of the project before launching it on a larger scale.  

With the Innovation for Ecodesign program, designed by Ecomaison, we put you in touch with project leaders from all over the world! Laboratories, start-ups, academics, innovators... will help you find innovative solutions for your eco-design projects.

Innovation Day, a flagship event 

The high point of this approach is the annual EcomaisonInnovation Day. Here, members and innovators selected for the quality of their solutions meet. The aim: to exchange ideas and co-construct the answers industries need to meet tomorrow's environmental and regulatory challenges. Workshops and conferences are also available for participants to brainstorm on themes such as repairability, the use of recycled materials and the availability of spare parts.

The Ecomaison catalog of innovations, a valuable resource

Over the years, we've sought out the best in innovation from all over the world. All these innovations have been brought together in a catalog dedicated exclusively to you. From the production of alternative panels made from cellulose waste, to biosourced and biodegradable alternatives to conventional plastics, to a solution for mapping and tracking waste from source to recycling, this comprehensive catalog gives you access to the companies behind all these sometimes revolutionary innovations. All the solutions and contacts you need to help you develop and monitor your environmental and CSR policies.

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