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Raising residents' awareness of the right way to sort waste

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Raising residents' awareness of the right way to sort waste

Ecomaison has been working with local authorities since its creation in 2011. Ecomaison supports local initiatives to raise awareness among residents, to inform them of all the possible second lives available for objects and products that people want to get rid of, and to make it as easy as possible for them to sort them. Why and how? Our answers in 3 questions.

Why educate individuals about sorting?

Waste recovered from local authorities now accounts for 80% of the total resources we take on for re-use or recycling. 

The list of objects and materials we handle has expanded: initially we handled furniture and bedding, and since 2023 we've also been handling DIY and garden items and toys. Soon, we'll also be able to recover construction products and materials. 

In this context, the aim is first and foremost to make local residents aware of the role they play in the second life of their products, but also to keep them informed of developments, so that the constant progress in reuse and recycling quickly has an impact. We're doing everything we can to ensure that new habits are adopted without delay. 

In concrete terms, what are we talking about when we talk about raising residents' awareness of the importance of sorting?

First of all, we need to inform the general public, through posters and the local authority's website... Everyone is concerned by waste recycling!

Then, of course, awareness-raising is effective if it leads to action. Every effort is made to ensure that individuals have the right information when it comes to parting with a desk, a garden chair or a swing... For example, thinking about re-useshould become a reflex. An increasing number of waste collection centers offer spaces dedicated to re-use, and it is also possible to contact a local association.

So, Ecomaison provides the essential information for sorting?

Absolutely. For all our partner local authorities, we provide them with an information tool kit to promote effective on-site communication. This kit includes, of course, posters displaying sorting instructions and all the signage required for collection, as well as pre-written articles for publications or the local authority's website. All these elements are updated on a regular basis.

Support for local authorities to promote recycling

This is very often the case! We're seeing a huge shift towards recycling. We've been working alongside local authorities since 2011, and we can see the progress being made all over the country. Local authorities are providing increasingly effective solutions to guarantee quality collections. 

Local authorities can also declare any action they take to inform their fellow citizens about Ecomaison collections. We will provide financial support, either per inhabitant or on a lump-sum basis, if they enclose proof of the training, school intervention, event or poster they have put in place. 

We have the same goal: improve sorting habits in favor of reuse and recycling to achieve zero waste.