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Call for tenders for alternative and local collection solutions: Charente-Maritime

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Eco-mobilier is launching a call for tenders in Charente-Maritime for alternative, local collection solutions for used furniture. Solidarity players, retailers, delivery companies, local authorities... all those wishing to get involved in these new collection methods can respond before 6pm on July 23, 2020.

Paris, July 1, 2020 - Eco-mobilier is the eco-organization in charge of the collection, sorting and recycling of used furniture, objects and furnishing elements.

Eco-mobilier is aiming for ZERO waste by 2023, an ambitious goal that can only be achieved through everyone's involvement. To this end, Eco-mobilier has completely rethought furniture collection in France, with the implementation of an optimized organization in early 2020: contracts with new local players, a 25% reduction in the number of kilometers traveled between collection (drop-off centers, stores, etc.) and sorting centers, etc. Eco-mobilier is now looking to go even further, by testing new collection methods in five French departments, notably in Charente-Maritime.

A call for tenders open to local players

To simplify the sorting of used furniture, and offer residents solutions that are accessible in their living spaces, Eco-mobilier is looking for new partners located in city centers or in the immediate suburbs.

The aim is to improve collection by being closer to the consumer, and to offer new solutions to the consumer-citizen: separate collection of bedding, take-back of used furniture in local areas, occasional and mobile collection points in partnership with retailers and local authorities, etc. This new system should enable us to increase the volumes and the level of recovery of the objects collected.

Two batches will be of direct interest to waste professionals, delivery drivers, logisticians and social economy associations who own a storage facility and a vehicle for collection:

  • Transport and consolidation of mattresses and box springs: by the end of 2020, Eco-mobilier will be supporting
    the take-back of used mattresses by retail outlets. The aim of this call for tenders is to find professionals capable of collecting and grouping mattresses packed in dedicated bags, particularly in stores.
  • Collection and grouping of comforters and pillows: at the end of 2020, Eco-mobilier would like to introduce the collection of comforters and pillows at new locations. The aim of this call for tenders is to find professionals capable of managing the collection and regrouping of comforters and pillows.

Two other batches are designed to provide a better service to consumers, through fixed or mobile collections. The idea is to give priority to proximity by involving associations and waste professionals, as well as "parcel collection point" retailers for the collection of mattresses, comforters and pillows. The lots concerned are :

  • One-off collection of used furniture and bedding: Eco-mobilier will be organizing
    days to raise awareness of the need to recycle household items in the parking lots of its members, the
    furniture stores. The aim of this call for tenders is to find professionals capable of
    independently managing a collection day, thanks to the provision of at least one operator and a large-volume van.
  • Collection points for used bedding: the aim of this call for tenders
    is to find new collection points for used bedding, in order to bring a
    new local service to the general public.

Applications must be submitted by 6pm on July 23, 2020. Interested local players can submit their projects by following this link.