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Eco-mobilier launches a call for projects to reuse used furniture

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In response, Eco-mobilier is launching a call for projects aimed at players in the social economy (SSE), to support innovative solutions for the fate of used furniture.

A call for projects, solutions for tomorrow

Present throughout France, players in the social economy have developed a wide range of initiatives aimed at collecting and reusing used furniture, thus promoting the circular economy.
In order to increase these innovative approaches, Eco-mobilier has decided to give concrete expression to the common objectives shared by these associations and integration companies involved in reuse and recycling, through this call for projects:

  • The development of access to the deposit, enabling us to offer new solutions to users in order to develop fixed or mobile territorial networks in collaboration with local authorities, waste operators, furniture manufacturers or distributors...
  • Procedures for refurbishing and renovating used furniture: product processing and preparation for reconditioning, tools, etc.
  • Skills enhancement and professionalization, with the development of
    know-how, the professionalization and skills upgrading of employees, the embellishment of sales areas, the development of a dematerialized sales or donation platform...

Project eligibility criteria

To be selected, applicants must submit projects that meet a list of eligibility criteria (environmental, innovation, technical, etc.).

How to participate

The rules are available on the eco-mobilier.fr website and have been sent to SSE players along with the application form.
Submission of applications: all applicants must send the completed application form along with the appendices (budget and project phasing) to the following address: [email protected]
Timetable and jury: projects will be shortlisted by members of the jury on the basis of the application form. Eco-mobilier may request further information on shortlisted projects.
Announcement of winning projects: early 2019