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Train and inform your teams

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Train and inform your teams

For Ecomaison's mission to be fulfilled, the link with local communities is essential. They provide the bulk of the waste handled by Ecomaison. Their role is therefore a major one, and to help them, Ecomaison trains the staff involved in the collection chain. This support covers both logistics, directly in the drop-off centers, and administration, to ensure that the resources collected are properly tracked.

Waste collection site wardens at the heart of the system

Maintaining the quality of the resources collected at every stage of the flow is very important if they are to have a second life, via reuse or recycling. 

In local authorities, waste collection site wardens are in direct contact with the public who come to drop off their waste. Their commitment and motivation guarantee high-quality collection. They are the ones who answer users' questions, ensure compliance with drop-off rules and organize regular collections. Ecomaison provides face-to-face or remote training for these key contacts. Custodians are also kept informed of any organizational or regulatory changes that affect the tasks they perform.

Where necessary, Ecomaison also provides dedicated training for technicians, e.g. for certain operations to be carried out on the extranet, or for updates. In addition to these training courses, Ecomaison provides its contacts with very precise documentation on how to sort objects and materials. 

Ecomaison teams at your service

Our support teams are fully aware of the procedures in place, and ensure that they are properly understood by their contacts within the local authority. 

We are at their side:  

  • as part of our operational management, we trace the volumes removed ourselves;
  • we point out the reporting periods and help them to fill them in;
  • we make sure they are aware of all the subsidies to which they are entitled;
  • we keep them informed of all new regulations and collection possibilities;
  • we monitor collection quality at every stage;
  • we provide them with a detailed annual report on the community's statistics, indicating tonnages collected, recycling rates, subsidies obtained and costs avoided.

The Ecomaison teams can be reached by telephone for any questions or changes to your situation.

The Ecomaison extranet: designed for local authorities

Reserved for our local authority partners, the extranet covers all aspects of waste management and brings together documentation relating to waste collection on their territory:  

  • Logistics : Waste collection center staff use it to fill in requests for collection, skips or containers. They can also search for an item to check its sorting rules, or report a malfunction.
  • Administrative: collection managers can find out about current contracts, tonnage declarations, and subsidies paid and to be paid.
  • Informational: the extranet brings together all the latest documentation concerning the collection: the sorting rulesand communication materials for private customers...