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Eco-modulation for toys and DIY/garden products: a new tool to encourage reparability

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Eco-modulation on spare parts came into force on January 1, 2024 for the DIY and garden products and toys sectors. Conceived with representatives of manufacturers and distributors, in collaboration with Ecomaison, its aim is to facilitate the adoption of practices that will promote the reparability of items placed on the market.
A new string to your bow, to increase the lifespan of your products. We explain.

What is eco-modulation?

While maintaining the usual calculation of eco-taxes, this involves modulating the amount according to certain environmental criteria of the product. For example, as a toy retailer and member of Ecomaison, when you make spare parts available in accordance with Article L111-4 of the French Consumer Code, you are eligible for a bonus of 10% of the eco-tax.

For which products can you benefit from this coup-de-pouce?

Whether for DIY and garden tools, or toys, the rules are the same:

  • The product must, of course, be multi-component (strictly more than two elements, excluding fasteners.) For example, a gas barbecue will be concerned, but not a rake; a garage for small cars yes, but not a cuddly toy.
  • Among the spare parts made available, the consumer or repairer must have access to those that are essential for the use of the product: if a dummy knob on a children's kitchen can be replaced, the hinges on the oven door must also be replaced. Similarly, you need to be able to replace a wheel on a gas barbecue, not just the lid.
  • Spare parts must be made available for a minimum period after the last time the product for which they are intended was put on the market: 2 years for toys, 5 years for DIY and garden products.

The profile of the perfect spare part

It must be made readily available to consumers and professionals alike, and reach them within less than two weeks. It does not have to be strictly identical to the original part, as long as it enables the replacement to be carried out and the object to be restored to working order.

Declare your spare parts in no time at all...

Log on to your account in the Services area. In the first quarter of 2024, we will be adding all the functions you need to certify that spare parts for your products have been made available on time, i.e. within the year they were placed on the market.
Eco-modulation beneficiary codes are declared each quarter, for the expired period, as part of your usual regulatory declaration. Please note that it is not possible to add eco-modulated codes to an already validated declaration.
For each eligible reference, you will need only two pieces of evidence:

  • an affidavit (downloadable here for toys, and here for DIY and garden tools, and on your space)
  • a copy of a commercial document or a support, such as an instruction leaflet or bill of materials, accompanying the sale of each declared product. This document must indicate the period during which (or the date up to which) spare parts essential to the use of the item will be available.

... And, at the beginning of the following year, receive the corresponding credit.

At the end of each year, Ecomaison calculates the premiums and issues a credit note for each period for which validated eco-modulated codes have been declared.

Download all the documents you need

Filière Jouets :
Information leaflet (pdf)
Declaration ofhonor (xls)
Eco-modulation calculation scale (xls)

Do-It-Yourself and Garden Equipment Sector :
Information leaflet (pdf)
Declaration ofhonor (xls)
Eco-modulation calculation scale (xls)