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Declare your eco-tax? Quick and easy with Ecomaison!

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Declare your eco-tax? Quick and easy with Ecomaison!

Ecomaison provides you with a one-stop service for all your procedures. So, to make your declarations of placing on the market, whatever the products and materials - covered by Ecomaison - everything happens in the same interface. Everything you need to code your products, prepare your eco-participation declaration easily, and find the right eco-participation amounts quickly.

Prepare your eco-participation declaration

Our service area allows you to declare your eco-tax. To do this, start by generating your product codes. There are two ways to do this:

  • Use our online tool to code your products and calculate their eco-tax.

Code your products

To obtain a code, a list of product codes and their associated eco-participation amounts, please complete our form.

  • Download resources by sector to prepare your declarations under "Code your products

Furniture industry

TPrepare your 2023 annual declaration or your 2023 T4 quarterly declaration, thanks to our dedicated tools:
> Generator of product codes and eco-taxes by simple entry;
>Service contract guideand 2023 tariffs incl. VAT.

Building industry

Download our Excel file to generate product and eco-tax codes:
> Product and eco-tax code generator ;

Garden & DIY

Download our Excel file to generate product and eco-tax codes:
> Product and eco-tax code generator ;

Toys Division

Download our Excel file to generate product codes and eco-taxes:
> Generate product codes and eco-taxes by single entry ;
> Generate product codes and eco-taxes by multiple entry.

Please note that in order to validate your declaration, you must respect the required declaration format. We provide you with the declaration import document (to download and complete yourself)!

Deadlines not to be missed?

If you file quarterly :

Marketing periods and declaration dates :

  • January1 to March 31 - Declaration April1 to 30 ;
  • April1 to June 30 - Declaration July1 to 31 ;
  • From July1st to September 30th - Declaration from October1st to 31st ;
  • From October1st to December 31st - Declaration from January1st to 31st.

If you declare annually :

Marketing period and declaration date :

  • January1 to December 31 - Declaration from January1 to January 31 of the following year.

The declaration will be invoiced by the due date, the 15th of the month following the close of the declaration. For an annual declaration, it will take place on May 15. Declarations made outside the declaration period (late registration or late declaration) are payable on receipt, as specified in article 6.4.1 of appendix 4 of your Ecomaison service contract.

4 steps to declare your eco-participation

Step 1:

  • Log in to Espace-services by entering your e-mail address and password. Once you're logged in, you'll find a number of services at your disposal.
  • Go to the "Declare eco-participation" block, where the word "Access" appears. Click on it!

Step 2:

  • Select the plant for which you need to declare the eco-tax.
    If your declaration concerns several plants, please consult the detailed procedure here.
  • Fill in your establishment's payment method and declaration details. These depend on your sales.

Step 3:

  • This time go to the "Declarations to be processed" block and click on "Declare"!
  • You will be redirected to a page enabling you to import your file.
    Good to know: it is possible to generate a product declaration directly from the "Enter your declaration manually" tab and add it to your declaration.

Step 4:

Once your file has been imported, you have two options:

  • Submit the declaration to a manager at your facility for validation.
  • Validate yourself (if you have the necessary rights).

To finalize your declaration, simply enter your order number. Don't have one? Check "no". This will then be automatically generated. Your declaration can now be consulted in the "History" section of your account, or in the "In validation at Ecomaison" section (depending on the status of your declaration).

All-in-one service

Our Espace-services is your new ally for your eco-participation declarations:

  • Benefit from easy compliance with regulations(article R543-240 of the French Environment Code), which requires marketers to declare and pay the eco-participation levied for each product sold. As a reminder: Ecomaison is responsible for providing solutions for the collection and recycling of used products (furniture, mattresses, decorative textiles, toys, DIY and garden items).
  • An eco-responsible commitment in just a few clicks. Let's face it: giving used products a second life is great. It's even better to do it via a quick and easy interface!
  • Take advantage of personalized advice and services designed especially for you (offered by Ecomaison).

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