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Eco-mobilier launches a tender campaign for its waste collection, sorting and preparation contracts

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Paris, January 21, 2019 - Eco-mobilier is launching a tender campaign for the markets of its operational scheme for the logistics and processing of waste furnishing elements (WEEE). To recover nearly one million tonnes of used furniture a year, a doubling compared to 2017, Eco-mobilier is proposing new principles to encourage investment and the development of outlets.

All markets are renewed

The tender campaign will run throughout 2019 in several stages.

- Contract A: Reception point, logistics, preparation and recovery of WEEE
- Survey of outlets

- Contract B: Large-volume transport
- Contract C: Alternative collections
- Become a "Collection Partner Operator".

One contract per site

Each operator, whether a materials or fuel preparer, can provide several services for each site. This versatility and the integration of services at each site will rationalize the sorting, preparation and recovery stages, by reducing load breaks.
Logistics will no longer be based on departmental boundaries, but on a number of collection points within the catchment area of each site.
The services concerned are (non-exhaustive list):
- Reception points for professionals
- Collection of WEEE skips (from drop-off centers, Social and Solidarity Economy structures and professionals),
- Sorting or transit of WEEE,
- Preparation of materials from WEEE, wood, plastic, CSR (Solid Recovered Fuel), bedding, comforters and pillows.

Long-term partnerships with operators

In order to recover one million tonnes of WEEE each year, Eco-mobilier is committed to long-term partnerships with operators, offering them visibility and stability and enabling them to invest and innovate. Eco-mobilier's main aim is to rely on the operators who prepare the fractions and on their ability to add value to the materials and diversify outlets, by seeking agreements with outlets that consume materials, agreements that are encouraged by clear commitments on the part of Eco-mobilier to guaranteed volumes, duration and quality, in the contracts.

A new platform to simplify consultations

The digital platform dedicated to these invitations to tender, accessible 24/7, enables operators and outlets to register, receive and retrieve all information relating to these and subsequent consultations, as well as answers to questions asked.
They can register now on: consultation.eco-mobilier.fr

Consultation agenda

December 2018
Invitation to tender for collection, sorting/gathering, preparation/recycling, recovery services

January 2019
Launch of outlet survey

March 4, 2019
Deadline for submission of offers

Coming soon
Launch of the call for tenders for alternative collections
Launch of the call for tenders for large-volume transport
Launch of the call for tenders for collection partner operator

For Dominique Mignon, Eco-mobilier's Managing Director: "It's essential to give ourselves the
means to enable the development of material and fuel outlets in France, by
offering the necessary guarantees so that operators can invest and innovate."