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Eco-mobilier launches recycling credits

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Eco-mobilier is introducing a financial incentive to encourage furniture manufacturers and distributors to design furniture from recycled materials. Thanks to these recycling credits, Eco-mobilier is continuing its efforts to achieve ZERO waste for furniture by 2023.

June 21, 2021 - Eco-mobilier is the eco-organization in charge of collecting, sorting and recycling furniture and furnishing components. Prevention, through the reuse and re-utilization of used furniture, is one of its key priorities in achieving ZERO waste by 2023.

Eco-mobilier offers its members, furniture manufacturers and distributors, recycling credits if they design furniture with recycled raw materials from waste furnishing elements (WEEE). The first declarations, covering the first half of 2021, will take place from July 2021. This innovative, incentive-based system is designed to support efforts to incorporate recycled wood and foam from WEEE into new furniture, and to support new sourcing policies.

In concrete terms, products made with recycled materials from WEEE will enable producers to benefit from recycling credits paid directly by Eco-mobilier. The amount is proportional to the quantity of new recycled raw materials used. The scheme applies to particleboard furniture and mattresses made from recycled bedding foam. By way of example, a company selling furniture made from over 75% particleboard will be entitled to a recycling credit of 40 euros per tonne of recycled wood from waste furniture components.

"The greater the amount of WEEE material in the furniture, the higher the credit amount. This proportional scale aims to encourage virtuous approaches and increase the use of recycled materials," explains Fabien Cambon, Technical Director of Eco mobilier. "The scheme makes a concrete and direct contribution to the transition to a circular economy. It also anticipates new public policies", he adds.

The recycling credit is the first component of a more global system of eco-participation credits, deployed to promote sustainable processes (in terms of product design, used furniture collection, etc.).