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Éco-mobilier launches the toys and games reuse and recycling channel

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On April 21, 2022, Éco-mobilier was approved by the French government to collect, reuse and recycle toys and games. On June 24, 2022, Éco-mobilier inaugurated the launch of this sector in the Jura region, in the presence of representatives of the public authorities, manufacturers in the toys and games sector, players in the social economy and local authorities. The experimental collection system set up this summer in the Sictom de Lons-le-Saulnier and Haut-Jura will enable us to draw the necessary lessons for national deployment.

Éco-mobilier is launching its very first collection trial for reuse and recycling in the Jura region, an emblematic territory in the toy sector, at the waste collection centers of the Sictom de Lons-le-Saunier and Haut-Jura.

According to ADEME, the toys and games sector accounts for 100,000 tonnes of discarded toys every year. Eco-mobilier estimates that only 40,000 tonnes are currently disposed of at public drop-off centers. In partnership with the Sictom de Lons-le-Saunier and the Sictom du Haut-Jura, the aim of the experiment will be to field-test the introduction of new sorting instructions and containers adapted to the reuse and recycling of used toys. It will also assess the rate at which toys are diverted from the bulky waste bin.

It will run from the beginning of July to the end of December 2022, in collaboration with the region's waste collection centers, local players in the social economy - the Adapemont and Oasis insertion associations - and the operator Demain environnement.

The experiment will enable us to assess the tonnages collected, the rate of re-use, the seasonality of the toy and how well users understand sorting instructions.

Rely on Eco-mobilier's expertise

Éco-mobilier is the eco-organization specializing in the collection, sorting and recycling of all used furniture. Since April 2022, it has been approved by the French government to take charge of the recycling of toys and games. Écomobilier relies on the strength of its network of over 5,600 collection points, 230 sorting centers and 500 partners in the social economy.

With 1.2 million tonnes of used furniture collected and recycled every year, its experience in the circular economy is a major asset in organizing the sector.

"This extension of our business scope, historically focused on furnishings, is logical and natural. Games and toys belong to the same universe, that of the home, and share many common points with it, notably in terms of material composition." Dominique Mignon, President of Éco-mobilier

Organizing the new toys and games reuse and recycling channel

Éco-mobilier will take charge of the end-of-life of all used toys - outdoor games (tricycles, garden sheds, buckets and spades, etc.), board games and puzzles, indoor toys, gift toys - whatever their material: plastic, wood, metal or textile. Only electrical and electronic toys remain the responsibility of dedicated eco-organizations. By 2024, Eco-mobilier's objective is to collect over 30,000 tonnes of used toys for recycling, and to reuse a further 10,000 tonnes.

Donation and reuse are major challenges for this new sector. This means developing a network of collection points close to home, collecting toys for reuse in conjunction with social integration and solidarity organizations, organizing in-store toy take-backs, and launching new collection operations with schools.