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Ecomaison unveils new governance structure

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On June 28, 2023, the Ecomaison Board of Directors brought together for the first time the 4 sectors for which it is approved. The Board now has 20 directors representing 68 shareholders. Alexandre Falck, CEO of BUT, has been appointed new Chairman of the Ecomaison Board of Directors.

Alexandre Falck succeeds Jean-Thierry Catrice, Chairman of the Ecomaison Board of Directors since 2015

Alexandre Falck elected Chairman of the Ecomaison Board of Directors

Alexandre Falck is Chairman and CEO of BUT. Between 2012 and
2015, he headed the Brico Dépôt, then Bricomarché and Bricorama banners,
to the position of Managing Director of Les Mousquetaires. His
professional background gives him a good knowledge of the players strongly
represented at Ecomaison and a fine expertise of the
regulatory and operational challenges of the furniture,
DIY, garden and building recycling channels.

"In 2022, Ecomaison changed dimension with a scope of activity that extended from furniture to DIY and garden items, toys and building products. The integration of new sectors is forcing us to transform ourselves. It's a fantastic opportunity to gain in efficiency, which will enable Ecomaison to better face its new challenges and the competition."

Ecomaison has become the eco-organization for the world of the home.

This transformation reflects Ecomaison's commitment to facilitating the sorting of materials at source in order to massively increase recycling and extend product life. With its four channels, Ecomaison will be able to provide both private individuals and professionals with simple, local solutions for donating or collecting waste.

Ecomaison is following in the footsteps of its predecessors, with collection and recycling targets consistently met and exceeded for the furniture sector. For the new channels for which it has been accredited, it has set ambitious targets for reuse and recycling. After 10 years in the furniture business, Ecomaison is fully committed to circularity, based on high-performance recycling channels capable of producing high-quality secondary materials that can be used in a local industrial fabric. For Ecomaison, the aim is to create value for recycled materials by acting as a catalyst for downstream investment and by modulating the eco-tax according to the recyclability of upstream products.

New governance, reflecting Ecomaison's scope of activity

The transformation of Ecomaison has led to a change in its governance to include the new sectors for which it is accredited. Ecomaison's Board of Directors has been reshuffled to ensure fair representation between the sectors:

  • 12 directors for the furniture sector,
  • 6 directors for the building sector
  • 1 director for the toys sector,
  • 1 director for the DIY and garden sector

In keeping with this logic, each sector is governed by a sector committee to deal more specifically with the issues and challenges specific to each sector.

Ecomaison shareholder structure: 68 shareholders

Furniture sector

College Distributors :

  • Alinéa
  • But International
  • Camif-Matelsom
  • Conforama
  • Gram
  • First Service (Grand Litier)
  • La Redoute
  • Maison De La Literie
  • IKEA
  • Groupement Mobilier de France
  • Arthur Bonnet
  • Ucem (Union Commerciale pour l'Equipement Mobilier)

College Manufacturers :

  • Alsapan
  • Cofel
  • Coulidoor
  • Mobalpa
  • Gautier
  • Adova
  • J.P. Gruhier
  • Alpagroup
  • Roset
  • Schmidt
  • WM88

Building sector

College Distributors :

  • Leroy Merlin
  • Brico Dépôt
  • SAMSE Group
  • Orcab
  • Silve
  • Menuiserie Multi Services (Line and Light)
  • Mr Bricolage
  • Queguiner Matériaux

College Manufacturers :

  • Egger
  • Piveteau Wood
  • AlsaFlooring
  • Coulidoor
  • Optimum
  • Righini
  • Blocfer (Deya)
  • Malerba
  • Polytech
  • Intex-Unitex

DIY - Garden sector

College Distributors :

  • Leroy Merlin
  • Castorama
  • The DIY warehouse
  • Silve
  • Mr Bricolage
  • Teract (Invivo)

College Manufacturers :

  • Spear & Jackson
  • EDA Group
  • Forest Style
  • Diager

Toy sector

College Distributors :

  • Okaidi (Oxybul)
  • WDK (Sajou)
  • Distritoys (King Jouets)
  • JouéClub

College Manufacturers :

  • SmobyToys
  • Ravensburger
  • Sentosphere
  • Juratoys
  • Forest Style
  • Ecoiffier
  • Playmobil
  • Epoch D'enfance
  • Hasbro
  • Falk (Falquet)
  • Asmodee
  • Mattel