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Ecomaison launches a Call for Expressions of Interest to promote the reuse and recycling of furniture

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As part of its dedicated program, Ecomaison launched its "Reuse and Territories" Call for Expressions of Interest on Friday, February 9, 2024. A commitment of 3.6 million euros will fund projects led by players in the social economy to increase reuse in the furniture sector, while promoting social employment and integration.

From 2024, Ecomaison aims to entrust associations with 140,000 tonnes of furniture per year*, i.e. 25% more products than in 2023, to encourage and support the collection, sorting and reuse of furnishing products.

Supporting local projects and initiatives

This is the first "Reemployment and Territories" Call for Expressions of Interest, which will be organized over three annual sessions.

The aim? Over and above the direct contribution of these projects to the ambitions of increasing re-use, it will enable Ecomaison toidentify and encourage the emergence, in each region, of projects built on a logic of territorial dynamics.

It is aimed at Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) structures involved in furniture reuse, as well as public/private sector groups including an SSE player in charge of the project.

Depending on their ambition, territorial reach and expected impact, projects may qualify for financial assistance ranging from €20,000 to €300,000 over 2 years. These amounts may be combined with other grants or subsidies from other institutions.

More broadly, Ecomaison devotes 19.6 million euros to Solidarity Reuse, including 16 million euros to the Fonds Réemploi.

Priority projects and activities organized around 6 axes:

  • Increase re-use by developing sales and donation solutions
  • Improving the supply of quality products for SSE reuse actors
  • Improve restoration conditions through new equipment or new capacities
  • Developing the skills and professionalization of solidarity-based reuse players
  • Contribute to the increase in re-used volumes through innovation
  • Developing a repair offer

For example, projects could involve the development of new sources of supply, the creation or extension of sales or storage areas, sales improvement programs, or training in re-use trades
(renovation, carpentry, cabinetmaking, etc.).

Mobilizing all stakeholders

The applications will be studied by Ecomaison and presented to a committee made up of specialists in reuse, the furniture sector and representatives of local and regional authorities. The committee, which is currently being set up, will act as the jury for project selection.
To apply for the first session, applications (form, presentation and financial appendix) must be submitted by midnight April 30, 2024, on the dedicated platform.

2024 marks a new stage for Ecomaison with the acceleration of solidarity-based reuse in the furniture sector. In addition to investing 6% of our sales, the Call for Expressions of Interest will be a powerful lever for our action, while mobilizing all our stakeholders around this environmental, social and societal project.

Dominique Mignon, President Ecomaison

*This represents 10% of the volume of used furniture collected in France.