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Recycling building waste: Ecomaison organizes Regional Meetings, 6 dates for discussions with local players

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Ecomaison (formerly Eco-mobilier) has been approved by the public authorities to take charge of the recycling of building products and materials. It organizes the Rencontres Régionales: 6 days of information and exchange dedicated to companies and local authorities.

The program for these Regional Meetings includes regulatory information on the building recycling sector, Ecomaison's range of services and partnership support, and operational deployment of the sector at local level...

6 cities, 6 dates

  • Lyon: Monday, November 28
  • Aix-en-Provence: Tuesday, November 29
  • Rennes: Monday, December 5
  • Toulouse: Wednesday, December 7
  • Bordeaux: Thursday, December 8
  • Nancy: Monday, December 12
    → Dates and registration for companies: https://bit.ly/3Twxxk5
    → Dates and registration for local authorities: https: //bit.ly/3hFHvm6

2 days of information for companies and local authorities

With their different actions and objectives, companies and local authorities play a crucial role in the success of the sector. To clarify the missions and obligations of each and coordinate operational deployment at local level, Ecomaison devotes special time to each of these players during its

Regional Meetings :

  • morning for companies,
  • in the afternoon for local authorities (organization reversed for the day in Nancy).

Meetings in partnership with Ecominéro

Ecominéro will be alongside Ecomaison at the Rencontres Régionales to provide comprehensive information to companies and local authorities. Through its cross-cooperation agreement with Ecominéro (approved for category 1 - inert materials), Ecomaison offers regulatory compliance for the entire building sector, covering both inert and non-inert products and materials.

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