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Building : Free take-back of your waste

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Building : Free take-back of your waste

If you're a building materials distributor, you're going to have to take back and sort your customers' construction or renovation site waste, free of charge and with no obligation to buy. And for craftsmen, the rules are changing too. Ecomaison can help you meet these obligations and turn them into opportunities.

If you have more than 4,000 m² of sales area (including storage space), you must take back construction or renovation site waste from your private or professional customers, free of charge and with no purchase conditions. To encourage the recycling of building products, sorting should be organized into separate streams: wood, metals, plastics, plaster, mineral wool, joinery and inert materials.

Assumption of costs for taking back and recycling building waste

By choosing to contract with Ecomaison, we take direct charge of collection and recycling costs. We work with your teams to find the best way to organize separate collection. Depending on the space available, we can set up different containers on site.

What about craftsmen?

You're already accustomed to collecting waste on your construction sites. Until now, you've invoiced your customers for the cost of waste collection, and returned the waste to a collection point, which usually has to be paid for. Under the new regulations, you will no longer be able to charge for waste collection. Instead, you'll have access to free collection points - provided your waste is sorted - near your worksite. Find your nearest collection point on the OCA Bâtiment website.

Building professional

An application to simplify your waste take-back process

To make it easier for professional customers to take back construction waste, we have developed an application.

For retailers, it enables :

  • prepare the way for building contractors and their depots,
  • streamline reception and simplify administrative procedures.

And for business customers:

  • rapid access to collection points close to the site, where sorted waste can be taken back free of charge,
  • easily edit a tracking slip to comply with the law.

Do you already have service providers with whom you work? Do you have special requirements?
Ecomaison can help you and offer services tailored to your needs.
Contact our teams for more information.


Ecomaison can help you achieve compliance!

Are you a distributor or manufacturer of building products and materials? As of January 2023, you are concerned by the regulations on recycling your products. Ecomaison can help you comply!

The network of building waste collection points

Our cartography enables you to find the nearest collection point to your building site, where you can take back sorted building waste free of charge. To make your drop-off easier, register on our application