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Understanding the impact of the AGEC Act on your business

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Understanding the impact of the AGEC Act on your business

Optimize sorting, reduce waste and encourage solidarity-based reuse: these are the main features of the AGEC law. The aim? Reduce the environmental impact of products. Are you a distributor of objects, products and materials for the home? Here's how we can help you achieve these objectives.

Takeover and signage: knowing and understanding your obligations

Both in-store and online, you are required to take back - free of charge - used products from your customers. You must also offer your unsold products to associations or, where applicable, recycle them.
The new regulations also require you to display certain environmental characteristics and qualities of your products, such as their recyclability, the incorporation of recycled materials and the content of hazardous substances.

You also need to deploy an environmental display to inform consumers about the sorting instructions specific to each product. These instructions are called Triman. Ecomaison is here to help you comply with the law, and to guarantee that consumers know how to sort the product they want to dispose of.

AGEC Act: the memo

Promulgated on February 10, 2020, the Anti-Waste for a Circular Economy law - known as the AGEC law - intends to break with the logic of the linear economy. Its measures should bring about a radical change in our production and consumption models.
Producers and marketers, the AGEC law requires you to contribute to the prevention and management of the waste that comes from your products; to adopt an eco-design approach; to promote the extension of your products' lifespan; to support reuse, re-use and repair networks; to contribute to development aid projects in waste collection and recycling.

Tools and services to ensure compliance

When you join Ecomaison, we issue you with a unique identification number to certify your compliance. You then have access to a wide range of services! You'll benefit from access to our donation platform to manage your unsold products, we'll help you organize the take-back of your customers' products, we'll support you in your innovation initiatives...

We also provide you with a tool to calculate the recyclability of your products. What's in it for you? Obtaining the recyclability label for your products, which is now compulsory. The range of services offered by Ecomaison meets all your needs!

Calculate the recyclability of your products

Ecomaison provides you with a recyclability calculation tool that gives you the recyclability statement for your products, which you will need to display

Webinars and conferences to keep you informed

Every week, Ecomaison offers you free themed webinars to provide you with information on current legislation, solutions for combining regulatory obligations and added value, and answers to your questions, whatever your sector of activity.

Manufacturers, retailers, importers, wholesalers, resellers, distributors, marketplaces: meet our teams! Numerous online and face-to-face meetings await you.

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