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Eco-design: discover our program

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Eco-design: discover our program

New regulations and a growing collective awareness of the importance of saving resources are creating fertile ground for eco-design and new innovations. Ecomaison can help you imagine and implement them.

Eco-design: where to start? 

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Let's start with a definition: Eco-design is a methodical approach that takes into account all the environmental aspects of a product's design and development process. The aim is to reduce its environmental impact throughout its life cycle. Eco-design is thus an integral part of every stage in your product's life. 

  • In your offices, at the design stage: the product's design allows for the rational use of materials, includes recycled materials, and takes into account the energy consumption and emissions required for its operation.
  • In your factories and workshops, during the manufacturing process: the product's manufacturing processes have been designed to minimize its environmental impact.
  • In stores and warehouses, at the point of sale: product packaging is reduced to the bare essentials, recyclable and made from recycled materials, and product distribution minimizes environmental impact.
  • At the customer's premises, after purchase: the product is easy to maintain, can be used for as long as possible, and services are available to extend its life. 

In a Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) structure: the collected product can be reconditioned or recycled.

We have been working on eco-design with manufacturers and distributors since the creation of our eco-organization. We pass on the latest technical advances to our members. We act as a catalyst for innovation. We put our expertise and energy at the service of projects, by regularly launching calls for projects.

Fabien Cambon, Technical Innovation Manager at Ecomaison

How does it work in practice?

We organize meetings between innovators and our members, notably at our annualInnovation Day event. Following this event, Ecomaison launches a call for projects under its Innovation for Ecodesign program. 

Winning members benefit from our methodological and technical support. This takes the form of a 6-month pilot project, the aim of which is to study the feasibility of the project before launching it on a larger scale.

At what stage of my project can Ecomaison help me?

Ecomaison's eco-design support depends on the project's stage of maturity.

  • Your project is just starting out: you feel your team has hit on something interesting, but you don't know how to take things further? We can help you reach the prototype stage with an ideation convention. 
  • Your project is confirmed: your workshop and laboratory tests are encouraging. We can help you move from a laboratory research project to a pilot project, with a research and development agreement.
  • Your project is well advanced: your innovative prototype just needs to mature and be deployed. We'll support you as you move into the operational phase, organizing its implementation. 

Who can participate in a call for projects? 

Are you a manufacturer or distributor of home products and materials? All players in the resource economy can propose their project, as long as it meets the published call for projects.

  • Manufacturers of finished products ;
  • Industrial consumers of commercial fuels ;
  • Public and private players in R&D and innovation.
Call for projects

Discover our platform dedicated to our innovation programs

We deploy a wide range of eco-design services dedicated to our members. With Ecomaison, accelerate your innovation process to make your eco-design projects a success!

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