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Innovation Day, Ecomaison boosts eco-design

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Innovation Day, Ecomaison boosts eco-design

Ecomaison is organizing the 5th Innovation Day in Paris on June 25 and 26, 2024.

To turn ideas into action and accelerate innovation in eco-design, Ecomaison has been running a dedicated program, Innovation for Eco-design, since 2020. Here, Ecomaison acts as an innovation catalyst, deploying novel solutions that are both economically and technically sustainable and replicable. These innovations can cover all stages of a product's life cycle: from raw materials to end-of-life and use.

Innovation Day, the annual eco-design event

During this event, Ecomaison members meet selected innovators and attend themed conferences and workshops to share issues, thoughts and solutions. In 2023, some 60 of our members met 44 innovators.

Following each Innovation Day, a call for eco-design projects is launched. Winning members and innovators receive methodological and technical support from Ecomaison. A pilot project is developed over a 6-month period to validate the feasibility of the innovative solution for manufacturers or distributors. Our aim is to provide them with all our expertise to enable the pilot project to be developed on a larger scale, within a sustainable and replicable economic and technical framework.

31 projects were launched in 2023. Among them were panels made from recycled shells, 100% made in France. These panels are an alternative to marble, and can be used as worktops, for example. Another project involves a biosourced, more virtuous alternative to autoclave wood treatment.

Innovation Day 2024: a cooperative event 

The 2024 edition - to be held on June 25 and 26 - will cover all household objects and products: furnishings, DIY and garden items, toys, decorative textiles and building materials. Ecomaison works in all these sectors to reuse and recycle products.

The 2-day event will feature strategic workshops on eco-design approaches, innovative pitches and conferences on hot topics in eco-design. Participants will also find interactive stands on eco-modulations and recycling innovation.

This year, around a hundred participants are expected, with a catalog of innovations featuring some twenty solution providers. In this way, Ecomaison intends to multiply our capacity to seek out, find and transfer techniques, new materials, solutions and innovations from one market to another... to stimulate ever more eco-design and the circular economy!

See you at the next Innovation Day, on June 25 and 26, 2024!

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