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Recycling building products and materials: a new sector for a more virtuous industry!

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Recycling building products and materials: a new sector for a more virtuous industry!

Since January 1, 2023, Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) has applied to manufacturers and producers of building products and materials (PMCB). Ecomaison deciphers for you the regulations governing this new reuse and recycling channel. Here's an overview of our solutions and support services to simplify your compliance.

The AGEC (Anti-Gaspillage pour une Economie Circulaire) law of 2020 created new recycling channels - known as Extended Producer Responsibility - including one for building products and materials, the PMCB EPR. Coming into force in January 2023, it is financed by the eco-participation fee applied since May 1, 2023 to new products and materials placed on the French market by manufacturers, importers, distributors, retailers and marketplaces.

Who's concerned?

Producers and/or market ers of building construction products and materials are any natural or legal persons who, on a professional basis, either manufacture and assemble, or import or introduce onto the national market, products or materials intended for the construction or renovation of a building.

Are you a manufacturer, distributor, importer, marketplace... marketing construction products and materials? You need to meet your legal recycling obligations. By becoming a member of Ecomaison, you'll be able to comply with your obligations and simplify all your procedures.

What products and materials are concerned?

This includes products and materials - including wall, floor and ceiling coverings - that are intended to be incorporated, installed or assembled permanently in a building, or used for building-related amenities located on the building site, including those for vehicle parking, with the exception of products and materials used solely for the duration of a building site.

Regulations divide products and materials into 2 categories: inert and non-inert.

Category 1, inert materials

Concrete and mortar or products used in their preparation
Limestone, granite, sandstone and lava
Clay or uncooked earth
Bituminous mix or products used in their preparation (excluding membranes)
Other products and materials of mineral origin

Category 2, non-inert materials

Mortars, coatings, paints, varnishes, resins (only products not covered by the Specific Diffuse Waste EPR stream)
Joinery incorporating glass, glazed walls and related construction products
Bituminous membranes
Glass wool, rock wool
Materials of plant or animal origin

Benefit from one-stop shopping for 2 categories of products and materials

Ecomaison has a cross-cooperation agreement with the eco-organization Ecominéro - approved for category 1. This means that Ecomaison and Ecominéro can offer you the possibility of joining both categories on their respective platforms, for all building materials.

Providing a regulatory and operational response for both categories, inert and non-inert, is in line with our commitment to offer our members and their distributor customers, both craftsmen and private individuals, comprehensive and straightforward solutions.

Dominique Mignon, President of Ecomaison

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