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  • Collection Sorting instructions Recycling Reuse

    The warm weather is here: pamper your outdoors!

    To make the most of summer, what could be better than a beautiful, clean exterior? Sunny lunches, naps in the open air, long afternoons by the pool... summer promises to be a great time. Whether you're looking to refurbish your garden or freshen up your terrace, there are some simple and practical tips to help you do just that.

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  • Collection Recycling Reuse

    With the Académie de Versailles and Ecomaison, students get in on the act!

    From November 20, 2023 to January 22, 2024, Ecomaison and the Académie de Versailles organized the second edition of their Collecte Solidaire de Jouets in the Académie's primary and elementary schools, with, for the first time, the participation of nursery schools.In total, nearly 40,000 pupils were involved and 11 tons of toys and games were collected.

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  • Sorting instructions Regulations

    Furnishings: Ecomaison helps you think classic as well as unusual 

    Some furniture products don't always find their way to collection, reuse and recycling. And yet, they are part of the recycling chain! As a manufacturer or distributor, you are obliged to apply the legislation to all items covered by the Extended Producer Responsibility scheme. Ecomaison helps you to

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  • Flooding communities

    Flooding - Ecomaison supports affected communities

    Flooding - Ecomaison supports local authorities affected Several regions have been hit by bad weather and flooding in recent days, causing damage to the furniture of affected residents. To help local authorities collect the furniture waste washed away quickly and as efficiently as possible, Ecomaison is providing additional skips for the collection of furniture waste.

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  • Reuse Practical life

    Your (grown) child is leaving home! Prepare for the move with peace of mind

    Is your child taking off and leaving the family nest? Why not take the opportunity to sort out their room together, while preparing for their move into their new home? Moving house is always an exciting time. But it's also a major stress factor if you don't prepare for it.

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  • Recycling garden tools
    Practical life

    A garden ready for spring

    With the first rays of spring sunshine showing their face, it's the perfect time to get your garden ready! But before you start planting new flowers or preparing your vegetable garden, why not take advantage of this period to sort out your garden?

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