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Distributors and manufacturers

Manufacturers, distributors, importers, marketplaces... you place new home products on the French market: furnishings, bedding, textile decoration, toys, DIY and garden articles, building products and building materials.

The regulations governing Extended Producer Responsibility - in other words, the law on reuse and recycling - therefore apply to your business.


Joining and declaring eco-participation

Knowing the regulations

Organizing the trade-in

Information and training 

Innovation and eco-design

Expand your business with repairs

Declare your product launches

All your information (accounts, contacts, establishments, users) and the declaration services provided by Ecomaison are grouped together in your member area.

So you can code your products, prepare your declarations and find the right eco-tax amounts.

Declaring new products on the market

Headline news

  • Ecomaison Innovation Reuse

    Reuse of building products: a look back at the Avant Seine rehabilitation site

    Ecomaison takes you to the Avant Seine worksite in Paris, to present a fine example of the reuse of products from the construction industry. This rehabilitation site, whose cleaning was entrusted to Neom (a VINCI Construction subsidiary), was organized around an efficient collaboration with the eco-organizations Ecomaison and Ecominéro, as well as the

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  • Repair

    Furniture repair: a growing consumer need, a solution to offer!

    When a piece of furniture is damaged, broken and/or dysfunctional, when its mechanism breaks down, it is very rarely repaired. However, the study carried out by Ecomaison is unequivocal: private individuals are willing to repair their furniture in 38% to 71% of cases, depending on the nature of the damage and the type of furniture to be repaired.

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  • For the building sector, we offer you a dedicated line with expert advisors: call them on 0801 908 108 (free call).
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