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10 years after the launch of Ecomaison, 97% of used furniture has been reused or recycled by 2022 

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Ecomaison publishes its 2022 results: 1.5 million tonnes of used furniture and bedding collected in 2022, 97% recycled (reuse, recycling, recovery). Ecomaison has completed the ramp-up of the furniture recycling sector, with 98% of the territory covered by a collection solution. 

A proven, efficient industry 

In 2012, Ecomaison (formerly Eco-mobilier) created the furniture recycling sector. While 55% of furniture was landfilled at the time, ten years later Ecomaison boasts a recovery rate of 97% - rising to 94% by 2021 - with a recycling rate on the rise: 45% in 2021 to 48% in 2022.  

Reuse is a major focus of Ecomaison's strategy, accounting for 5% of outlets for used furniture. This result is made possible by the work of Ecomaison's 580 partners in the Social and Solidarity Economy.  

The relationships established over the past 10 years with recycling operators have enabled us to build a collective dynamic based on trust and balance. 

Dominique Mignon President of Ecomaison 

Ecomaison: a multi-sector eco-organization specializing in the home 

On June 28, 2023, at its Annual General Meeting, Ecomaison presented its 2022 results, linked in particular to the expansion of its business into four new sectors: DIY and garden products, toys and outdoor games, textile decoration and construction and building products and materials (PMCB). 

Professionals in these sectors have joined Ecomaison, with a consequent increase in membership from 6,542 contracts in 2021 to 10,170 in 2022. 

A collection point less than 15 km away 

Today, 90% of all discarded furniture and bedding is collected by Ecomaison. To make sorting easier for residents and craftsmen, and to collect even more used objects and materials, Ecomaison is developing new local solutions: the number of collection points has been increased from 5,600 in 2021 to 6,720 in 2022. Every French person now has a collection point within 15 km of their home. 

No. 1 wood supplier in France & investment catalyst for foams 

For the past 10 years, Ecomaison has been organizing the various recycling channels with 2 main focuses: 

  • Massification. This is particularly the case for the wood industry: with 760,000 tonnes of wood from used furniture by 2022, Ecomaison is the leading supplier of recycled wood in France. Given the pressure on resources, Ecomaison gives priority to meeting the needs of French manufacturers by supplying them with recycled wood as a secondary raw material. 
  • The investment. Ecomaison is fully committed to circularity, based on high-performance recycling channels capable of producing high-quality secondary materials that can be used in a local industrial fabric. For Ecomaison, the aim is to create value for recycled materials by acting as a catalyst for downstream investment, and by modulating eco-participation according to the recyclability of upstream products. 

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