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Building craftsmen, industrialists, innovators, professionals welcoming the public... Ecomaison brings you solutions for managing your waste, for sorting, for finding out about collection points near you, for innovating... discover all our solutions and services.

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Whether you're a manufacturer, distributor or importer of building products and materials, Ecomaison offers you a comprehensive solution to meet your recycling and reuse obligations.

  • Regulations

    Furnishings - New regulations and news

    The French Anti-Waste for a Circular Economy Act (AGEC) regularly introduces new regulatory obligations for marketers, particularly those of furnishing and textile decoration items. Find out more about your obligations and the associated Ecomaison solutions, developed for all our members. Information on the recyclability of products Consumers need to be informed about the qualities of their products.

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  • Ecomaison Innovation Reuse

    Reuse of building products: a look back at the Avant Seine rehabilitation site

    Ecomaison takes you to the Avant Seine worksite in Paris, to present a fine example of the reuse of products from the construction industry. This rehabilitation site, whose cleaning was entrusted to Neom (a VINCI Construction subsidiary), was organized around an efficient collaboration with the eco-organizations Ecomaison and Ecominéro, as well as the

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  • Collection

    In 2024, the collection of building materials will be strengthened and simplified.

    Good news for building professionals and private individuals carrying out construction work: from January 1, 2024, the take-back of construction product and material waste has been strengthened and simplified. From now on, retailers distributing building products and materials with a sales area of over 4,000m² are required to offer take-back services.

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