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Distributors and manufacturers

Manufacturers, distributors, importers, marketplaces... you place new home products on the French market: furnishings, bedding, textile decoration, toys, DIY and garden articles, building products and building materials.

The regulations governing Extended Producer Responsibility - in other words, the law on reuse and recycling - therefore apply to your business.


Joining and declaring eco-participation

Knowing the regulations

Organizing the trade-in

Information and training 

Innovation and eco-design

Expand your business with repairs

Declare your product launches

All your information (accounts, contacts, establishments, users) and the declaration services provided by Ecomaison are grouped together in your member area.

So you can code your products, prepare your declarations and find the right eco-tax amounts.

Declaring new products on the market

Headline news

  • Collection Recycling Reuse

    With the Académie de Versailles and Ecomaison, students get in on the act!

    From November 20, 2023 to January 22, 2024, Ecomaison and the Académie de Versailles organized the second edition of their Collecte Solidaire de Jouets in the Académie's primary and elementary schools, with, for the first time, the participation of nursery schools.In total, nearly 40,000 pupils were involved and 11 tons of toys and games were collected.

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  • Sorting instructions Regulations

    Furnishings: Ecomaison helps you think classic as well as unusual 

    Some furniture products don't always find their way to collection, reuse and recycling. And yet, they are part of the recycling chain! As a manufacturer or distributor, you are obliged to apply the legislation to all items covered by the Extended Producer Responsibility scheme. Ecomaison helps you to

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  • eco-modulation eco-design
    Innovation Regulations RATES

    Eco-modulation applied to eco-taxes 

    Eco-modulation applied to eco-participation rates Eco-participation is the sum paid for each product sold to finance the collection, reuse and recycling of products and materials handled by Ecomaison. It is paid by companies that place products subject to recycling regulations on the French market. Ecomaison has

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