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As a local authority, you are responsible for waste management in your area. Ecomaison, a state-approved eco-organization, can help you organize the management of the volumes collected by your departments.

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Ecomaison provides you with all the tools you need to easily organize the collection of household items and materials brought in by your fellow citizens.

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Headline news

  • Ecomaison Innovation Reuse

    Reuse of building products: a look back at the Avant Seine rehabilitation site

    Ecomaison takes you to the Avant Seine worksite in Paris, to present a fine example of the reuse of products from the construction industry. This rehabilitation site, whose cleaning was entrusted to Neom (a VINCI Construction subsidiary), was organized around an efficient collaboration with the eco-organizations Ecomaison and Ecominéro, as well as the

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  • Collection

    Flooding: Ecomaison supports affected communities

    Flooding: Ecomaison supports local authorities affected Several regions have been hit by bad weather and flooding in recent weeks, causing damage to the furniture of affected residents. To help local authorities collect the furniture waste washed away by the floods as quickly and efficiently as possible, Ecomaison is providing additional skips for the collection of furniture waste.

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  • Furnishings

    Furnishings: Ecomaison prepares the future of the re-use and recycling sector

    Furniture: Ecomaison prepares the future of the re-use and recycling sector Ecomaison has applied for renewal of its approval and published its new eco-tax scales to continue developing the furniture sector. In 2012, before the creation of the furniture sector by Ecomaison (formerly Eco-mobilier), 55% of discarded furniture was reused.

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