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Looking for solutions for unwanted items? To make things easier for you, Ecomaison shows you where you can sort, donate and recycle all your household products and materials.


Opting for re-use

Recycling your bedding

Eco-participation is important!

Find out where to recycle

Ecomaison, reuses and recycles household objects and materials

Individuals, find out about collection points near you to donate or recycle your unwanted furniture, bedding, toys, DIY and garden items, building materials, etc.

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Headline news

  • Regulations

    Furnishings - New regulations and news

    The French Anti-Waste for a Circular Economy Act (AGEC) regularly introduces new regulatory obligations for marketers, particularly those of furnishing and textile decoration items. Find out more about your obligations and the associated Ecomaison solutions, developed for all our members. Information on the recyclability of products Consumers need to be informed about the qualities of their products.

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  • Collection Ecomaison Innovation Reuse

    SSE players: with the new furniture agreement, Ecomaison is giving a boost to re-use.

    To achieve its goal of zero waste, Ecomaison has since its creation offered you a partnership structured in 3 parts: Services to access the deposit; Financial support linked to the reuse activity; Solutions for the removal of non-reused products. Since January 2024, to accelerate the pace of reuse, the new agreement

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