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Eco-mobilier partner of ATELIER D'éco SOLIDAIRE, a Gironde-based player in the social economy

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Following a call for projects for the reuse and re-utilization of used furniture launched in 2018, Eco-mobilier supported Atelier D'éco Solidaire in training its staff: two
employees took part in the CQP training course "Team leader in furniture or fixture revalorization". Thanks to this professionalization of the supervisory teams, the Atelier D'éco Solidaire is set to become a regional training organization for upholsterers.
Eco-mobilier has also enabled the Atelier to be equipped with the machine tools essential for giving a second life to used furniture.

Eco-mobilier is the eco-organization in charge of collecting, sorting and recycling furniture and furnishing components. Waste prevention through the reuse and re-utilization of used furniture is one of its key areas of focus to achieve ZERO waste by 2023.

As a partner to 420 players in the Social and Solidarity Economy, Eco-mobilier launched its first "call for projects for the reuse and re-utilization of used furniture" in 2018.

"Our ambition is to increase the rate of reuse of used furniture. To this end, it is essential to guarantee the quality of the products sent to social economy platforms, to encourage innovation and to develop the skills of the employees of these structures," explains Dominique Mignon, President of Eco-mobilier. That's why Eco-mobilier has selected the 10 most innovative initiatives in three categories: developing the skills of employees on integration schemes, setting up a second-hand materials store, and creating a range of eco-designed furniture.

L'Atelier D'éco Solidaire, Aquitaine's future training center

L'Atelier D'éco Solidaire is a creative resourcerie, transforming used furniture into unique pieces. The teams working in the arts and crafts sector are made up of committed people from totally different backgrounds, whether in terms of education, age or cultural origins. Some of them are on integration schemes. Through their work, they help to reduce the quantity of waste by making each piece of upcycled furniture an exceptional piece of furniture.

L'Atelier D'éco Solidaire recovers used furniture through its three workshops: Wood/Cabinetry, Upholstery/Sewing and Decorative Painting/Finishing. Eco-mobilier has made it possible to acquire various machine tools essential to the operation of the Wood workshop.

To pass on their knowledge of upholstery, two employees have completed a Certificat de Qualification Professionnel (CQP) "Animatrice d'équipe en revalorisation de mobilier ou d'agencement", co-financed by Eco-mobilier. On the program: organizing training, developing creativity, valorizing the knowledge and skills of people on integration schemes, training in respect for safety in the workplace, preventing and regulating conflicts.

" This training course was very instructive. Our trainer was a craftsman who had experienced the constraints of the field and therefore understood the problems we could encounter. The time we spent together enabled me to take a step back and position myself as a trainer, a role that is very different from that of a day-to-day manager," confirms Eleni, Creative Assistant at Atelier D'éco Solidaire.

At the end of the training course, the training organization of the "Union Nationale de l'Artisanat des Métiers l'Ameublement" (UNAMA), an Eco-mobilier partner, confirmed its wish to make the Atelier D'éco Solidaire its referent partner for the Nouvelle Aquitaine region. The partnership would focus on the creation of continuing training modules in sustainable development, eco-design and the professionalization of employees or self-employed workers in the furniture craft trades.
L'Atelier D'éco Solidaire should thus become a training organization and offer Certificats de Qualification Professionnel (CQP) for furniture manufacturing.

"By supporting this project, we are taking a new step in our relationship with players in the social and solidarity economy," says Dominique Mignon, President of Eco-mobilier. "We are committed to supporting them, helping them structure their activities and giving a new dimension to their projects."