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Eco-mobilier supports the work of Maillon Normand, a player in Normandy's social economy.

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Following a call for projects to reuse and repurpose used furniture launched in 2018, Eco-mobilier supported Maillon Normand, part of the Croix-Rouge insertion group, in creating a new range of upcycled furniture. This project has also enabled us to pass on new technical skills to employees, and raise awareness of reuse among the general public via the organization of workshops.

November 2, 2010 - Eco-mobilier is the eco-organization in charge of collecting, sorting and recycling furniture and furnishing components. Waste prevention through the reuse of used furniture is one of its key priorities, with the aim of achieving ZERO waste by 2023.

Partnering 420 players in the Social and Solidarity Economy, in 2018 Ecomobilier launched its first "call for projects to reuse and repurpose used furniture".

"Our ambition is to increase the re-use rate of used furniture. To this end, it is essential to guarantee the quality of products sent to social economy platforms and to develop the skills of the employees of these structures," explains Dominique Mignon, President of Eco-mobilier. That's why Ecomobilier has selected the 10 most innovative initiatives in three categories: creating a range of upcycled furniture, setting up a second-hand materials store, and developing skills.

Le Maillon Normand launches a new range of furniture

Croix-Rouge Insertion's project involved the launch of a new range of furniture. It was selected and carried out jointly by two recycling centers: Valoris, based near Poitiers (86) and Le Maillon Normand, located in Pavilly (76). For Maillon Normand, the aim is to go beyond the upcycling activities already carried out on an occasional basis, and develop a genuine range of products derived from the reuse of furniture components, in particular table tops. The project also aims to pass on new technical skills to employees, work on self-confidence (just because you don't know how to do something doesn't mean you can't sand, paint, screw...), and raise public awareness of upcycling through workshops.

"We share the same objective as Eco-mobilier: to improve the re-use rate of used furniture in our recycling centers. Since this summer, we've been developing a range of 100% upcycled furniture, made from good quality used furniture," explains Simon Allain, Sales and Marketing Development Manager at Croix-Rouge insertion. "We want to become local reference points for upcycling. For example, we have organized workshops with school groups to show them the different reuse and recycling solutions for a piece of furniture. The children then talk to their parents about it, and that creates a positive dynamic."

"By supporting a project like this, we are taking a new step in our relationship with players in the social and solidarity economy," says Dominique Mignon, President of Eco-mobilier. "We are committed to supporting them, helping them structure their activities and giving a new dimension to their projects."

The launch of this project has enabled Maillon Normand to :

  • Reuse dismantled parts instead of recycling them
  • Develop new skills for employees on integration programs, expressing their creativity
  • Promote their know-how, positioning the Maillon Normand as a local benchmark for furniture reuse.

Le Maillon Normand now offers its customers a diversified range of 100% local, circular and solidarity-based pieces. "Our customers also discover that a second life is possible for their furniture. And thanks to our workshops, they can learn new upcycling techniques," concludes Simon Allain of Croix-Rouge insertion.

About Croix-Rouge insertion and croix-rouge workshops

Croix-Rouge insertion is a subsidiary of the French Red Cross created in 2011 to make the development of local employment a major focus in the fight against precariousness. Every year, more than 950 employees are supported by the association in 12 establishments throughout France. Croix-Rouge insertion includes 5 logistics platforms, 2 organic market gardening operations, a call center, five recycling centers and many other activities that enable people who are far from employment to regain a balance and receive on-the-job training in jobs that are recruiting. The socio-professional support provided by the teams at the association's establishments enables each employee to remove the main obstacles to employment (such as housing, mobility or access to healthcare), define a professional project and take the necessary steps to achieve it.

In 2020 Croix-Rouge insertion launched les ateliers croix-rouge, a brand that aims to showcase the work of employees at its recycling centers, particularly in terms of furniture and textile creations.

Le Maillon Normand
1 allée de la Cotonnière, 76570 PAVILLY

Wednesday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 to 5 p.m., Saturday, 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.