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Ecomaison partner of the Domocité 2023 program

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Ecomaison partner of the Domocité 2023 program 

For the 8th year running, Ecomaison is a partner in the French furniture industry's annual applied research program Domocité.

Extending the useful life of furniture in 2023

Partner Domocité

The 2023 edition has been launched and is in line with the industry's project to help achieve the 2030/2050 objectives of decarbonizing the French economy.

The theme chosen for the 2023 program is: How to extend the useful life of furniture?

For the first time, Ecomaison member distributors took part in the collective discussions, contributing to the construction of the scenarios to be imagined. Ecomaison teams presented the study "The French and their furniture" conducted with IFOP.

New perspectives for tomorrow's furnishings

What new solutions can be imagined in terms of products and services?

This forward-looking study is being carried out by a group of industry players, including furniture manufacturers and publishers, fitters, Uper's, panel manufacturers, furniture equipment manufacturers, distributors, designers, interior architects...

New solutions

The collective is supported by teams from Ameublement français, Ecomaison and FCBA , and theMAOBI agency runs the 3 iterative, forward-looking workshops on Fridays:

  • June 30, 2023: a combination of distance learning and classroom training at AFPIA, 55 rue Feuillat, Lyon.
  • July 7, 2023: in person in Lyon.
  • September 1, 2023: classroom training in Lyon.

2 new studies are previewed:

  • New business models linked to extending the lifespan of the structural part of fitted kitchens by international students from the Circular Economy Chair at ESCP Business School, a study led by Ameublement français; 
  • The reasons why consumers part with their furniture: quantitative study conducted with IFOP, with a qualitative component led by FCBA in collaboration with Ecomaison.