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Turn your home into a cosy cocoon, while taking care of others and the planet!

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Turn your home into a cosy cocoon, while taking care of others and the planet!

Au cœur de l’hiver, on est souvent tenté de faire de son intérieur un cocon douillet. Et pour cela, nombreux sont celles et ceux qui décident de renouveler leurs produits de la maison : canapés, fauteuils, coussins ou matelas, ou encore leurs oreillers, housses de couettes et autres plaids !

reprise des matelas

Mais savez-vous comment limiter l’impact écologique de ce dont vous n’avez plus l’utilité, en faisant parfois de belles économies et en aidant celles et ceux qui en ont besoin ?

Donation, the choice of solidarity

If your old bedding is still in good condition, but you've decided to replace it, don't throw it away! Recycling centers and associations accept donations of bedding in good condition. Just make sure the items are clean and in good condition before you donate them.

If the animal cause is close to your heart, you should also know that quilts and cushions are much sought-after by many associations in this field!

Focus on mattress trade-in

Les matelas demandent une attention particulière pour être réemployés ou recyclés. Avec ses partenaires, Ecomaison fait en sorte de vous faciliter la reprise grâce à des solutions variées, si vous ne pouvez pas donner votre vieux matelas à une association vous pouvez :

  • in-store trade-in ;
  • take back your old mattress when you receive your new one;
  • drop-off at waste collection centers, in dedicated skips.

To preserve mattress foam and improve recycling, you can buy a cover (also recyclable) at your favorite bedding store, or use the one from the mattress you've just bought.

Good news: in 12 years, mattress recycling has made huge strides. Today, only 4% of mattresses are landfilled; in 2012, the figure was 100%!

Transform your old furniture into unique pieces

When you decide to replace your armchairs or sofas, don't underestimate their potential before you get rid of them! Why not renovate or transform them to give them a new lease of life?

If you like to do-it-yourself, you can also give your furniture a makeover yourself. A new covering or a fresh coat of paint can work wonders!

Personalizing your objects not only helps to reduce your ecological footprint, but also adds a touch of character and authenticity to your home.

For the most worn items, think of Ecomaison for recycling

If your furniture is too damaged to be repaired or reused, recycling is the best solution! You can drop them off at a recycling center or at your favorite retailer; Ecomaison will then take care of them and direct them to the recycling channels.